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A Dead Man Is Still Alive

Short story By: USGlen

This is a little Short Story/Essay on how a dead man in Arizona is actually alive in a City in far Northern California. It is the story about how this dead man whose maybe a woman introduces himself to a man that wrote him when he was a man. It also tells the feelings of the community and how the police reacted to the man's call.

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���������� The other day while walking along a street here in Southern California, I ran into something quite unusual. This person that was half male and half female saw me and said, "Hello, Glen! I'm Barry Goldwater." This person was a damn female. So how could this person be Barry Goldwater and why did he or she know me. I never met the person before and I only wrote to Senator Goldwater while he was in the Senate. He never replied.

����������� I went down the street to my Doctor's Office and several of the people in the Building were shook up and couldn't even stand up. I asked them what was wrong. They told me, "A woman said that she was Barry Goldwater."� I thought to myself could this be true. I got to my Doctor's Office and they took me in 40 minutes early. The Doctor asked me, "You saw Barry Goldwater."

����������� "Doctor, I do not know who I saw and I can't say. After we get done, I'll call the local Police and let them know about the situation. I'll also tell them to call on you for the information that you might have."

����������� The Doctor examined my mouth and told me that he would have to observe it for awhile and told me to call a better Dentist than the one that did my recent work. I got my slip from the girl, made the next appointment and told them that I'm going to call the local Police to discuss my observations on what I told the Doctor I'd do."

����������� When I walked across the street from the Doctor's Office saw me coming and looked the same way that I did when I saw a pre-supposed impersonator of the President on the street in front of where live. The thought crossed my mind and I thought to myself, "This man could have used a Intelligence Satellite to watch me on his TV to prove that I'm not disabled and should be working."

����������� I continued walking down the street to the Shopping Center and saw the people in the Supermarket all white as a sheet. The Taqueria in the Center had people sick and vomiting also. The poor young girls in the Donut Shop where I bought coffee at that morning were scared also. They told me, "Barry Goldwater…." I told them take it easy, I'll be back again and I was going to call the Police.

����������� The only secure place to call the Cops was at a 7-11 two blocks down the street. I got there in five minutes or less by walking. I called the local Police Emergency Number 911 and explained to them about all the people. I gave them my CA DMV ID CARD NUMBER and all my observations plus the Doctor's name and Office number. They recorded the information and told me that they would look into the matter. They also told me thanks.

����������� Five minutes later, the Police evidently were on tactical. I was later to find out that they were that way until 3:30 the next morning. They also brought in thirteen Police Units to the area to investigate the matter. The bus came for me 45 minutes later instead of the scheduled time of 30 minutes. The bus driver when he saw me told me to get aboard, told me to calm down and sit in the cool bus. He told someone else that there were 20 more busses temporarily assigned to move the passengers into and out of this area for the next five hours.��������

����������� When the bus passed the local Police Station, I noticed all the lights on the second floor with all the windows wide open. I got home and had to take another tablet of my medicine and finally got calmed down at 9:00 P.M. that night. One week later, I still have nightmares and sweaty hands. I have to go on long walks to clear my head. I sleep at night and stay asleep for twelve hours. The Police won't tell anybody about it. There was this week in the Civic Center near my Library four Aides of Congress looking for the man. They evidently wanted to protect the man or woman from the Law. The people in the Library didn't understand and only told them that they can't be here. They then realized they shouldn't be there because I told the City police to go talk to them. They were later booked for fraud investigation as far as I know.

I went to the bus stop and got the next bus. I arrived home and everything was okay. I slept that night after having a good dinner with some Popcorn afterwards. I also watched the Lakers beat the Pacers of Indianapolis. Sleep after my medicine overtook me ten minutes later.

Did this incident really happen? Only the Police of four or five towns know about it and they won't tell anybody about it. That Senator ran for President and was a Major General in the Air Force. He has been dead in Arizona for two or less years. In closing, I hope all my readers will read this and understand that it probably could have happened and all the people involved won't tell anyone about it. This is because they were all innocent citizens that were bothered by a deceitful trick of a former famous Politician.


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