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Wall Of Water

Short story By: Yasuko

On March 11 2011 Mother (Mother Nature) was angry with us (Japan), and she decided a fight was in order.

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" A wall of water stretching from horizon to horizon, one of the most powerful forces on earth, crossing oceans and unleashing unimaginable destruction, a killer wave, the ultimate destroyer on our already raging planet. This horrific act of nature is known simply as The Tsunami."

There are certain sounds we never want to hear. An alarm warning letting us know that Mother is near, and she is angry; is one of them. Where will she strike? I am already shaken up, the earths rage was enough. Glass crashing and breaking, buildings being leveled, none of this was enough. Mother is angry! After a few minutes that seemed like eternity the horror isn't over. I must call for help!

Looking at my exspensive cell phone I realized there wasn't enough technology in the world to help. Mother is angry, what else might she do? She has broken the prefecture, I must stay on guard because when mother is angry she makes sure to get her point across. I must say, Mother now has my attention.

I looked towards the most beautiful sight in the world. I looked to the sea, and although it spoke to me, I was unable to make out what it was saying.

"I can't hear you." I whispered.

I should know, I should understand, maybe I am still shaken up.

"Run!" I heard.

The sea speaks, but why am I running.

"Where must I run to?" I whispered.

"Run!" The ocean roared.

I have seen Mother angry before, really angry; however this was different. Her scream had more force, more anger than I have ever seen. Something was very unsettling about her cry this time.

"Why am I running, it is important, I need to know. I know I must run, but please explain why and where I must go?" I whispered again.

The alarms began to sound. An alarm that could make any heart skip a beat. It is a sound I have heard before; however this was different. Even the sound to my ears was different. Looking to the sea "Run" began to flood my mind.

Mother wasn't finished. Putting her hand into the sea, she cuffed the water into her hand, causing a wave larger than forty meters. I could no longer see the sky behind it. The Wall of Water was coming, one of the most destructive weapons mother has in her arsenal.

The alarms continued to sound, The Wall of Water was coming, but it didn't reach shore yet. I must call someone and tell them. Who will I call? Who am I going to warn? Maybe the entire country perhaps?

"High ground my child." The ocean spoke to me.

"High ground." I whispered.

Looking at my surroundings I saw a few very large buildings, some that could withstand Mothers next attack; however there were many that didn't stand a chance. I listened to the sea and I ran to the biggest building I could find. Going to the very top I stood on the roof. Looking to the sea once more I could hear its roar, it rage, I could hear the destruction Mother was commanding it to do.

"Mother, there are children here and elders?" I whispered.

After my plea Mother only put her other hand in and cuffed another wave.

"Mother, you must stop this, please!" I cried.

Mother put both hands in the sea and cuffed two more waves. The more I spoke, the more I pleaded, the more angry she got. I decided then that my words were only causing more harm then good. In silence now, I watched, I waited, and soon, very soon, Mothers waves hit land.

Crashing down, the first completely submerged everything in its path. Anyone or thing that was there, with the help of God or some higher being may have had time to recover. Mother planned for that, the second wave hit just as furiously as the first. Mother made sure she would win this fight, with us now on the ropes, she hit again and again. Making sure there was no room for recovery.

I could hear the screams of those who were in the oceans way, and like sand the sea washed them away. Taking over like a plague, rapidly, making sure there would be fatalities. Is this a movie? Maybe I am dreaming, because waves do not look like this. In fact I do not even think this image could be produced on camera. The only thing I could do was take my expensive phone out and record Mother. I am not sure how I survived this battle with her, I must thank the sea one day for warning me, and if anyone ever forgets I can play back the image of Mother when she decided death would come for us. I still wonder about the Wall of Water, the weapon known simply as The Tsunami.


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