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Fragrance Of Freedom & Family (Part I)

Short story By: Zayn Ul Abidin

A real story of three friends, Craig, Wayne and Nathan who find themselves locked up in a prison for a life sentence. They know that they've to escape and so they do. Little did they know, what kind of challenges lay at front of them. Will they ever be able to escape or not? It's part I. Part II will be uploaded soon.

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Inspired by a true story

25th July, 2012:

V-State 93:
It was a hot and humid night of 25th July. There was silence all across the prison ward. All of the prisoners were asleep then as it was past midnight. Craig Albert, Wayne Henry and Nathan Hudson were all sitting in one cell thinking of their family back home. Their wives and children, they missed them so much but they couldn't do anything.

"I miss Allie so much. How am I going to spend my time here without her?" Wayne suddenly cried out.

"We have to get out of this place... Yes, we have to." Nathan said.

"But how?" Craig and Wayne both asked.

"I have a plan but seriously, tell me, do you really want freedom or not?" Nathan asked.
"Just tell us what to do and we'll get it done." Craig said.
"But exactly how are we going to escape?" Craig asked.
"Just follow my orders at the right time." Nathan said confidently.

Craig, Wayne and Nathan were best friends even before their arrival at V-State 93. They were accused of spying for the foes and also stealing the secret files. They had been arrested before but were released because there weren't enough witnesses against them, but this time the chances of escape were minimal.

V-State 93 was constructed on a no-man's land. There were guard-towers everywhere, trained military hounds were always on security patrol and they were in large numbers. 20 ft. walls surrounded by very sharp electric wires surrounded the prison. The worst part was that it was built in a thick forest full of beastly creatures. The administrators even used noise detectors and built underground check-posts to keep the prisoners from digging tunnels.

The prisoners at V state 93 were provided everything but .... they were treated inhumanly.. worst then a dog. So, when the three friends decided to escape, they knew that there were big challenges ahead of them.

The next night, Craig and Nathan planned the escape while Wayne kept an eye for the warden.
On July nth, they started to work on the plan, careful not to attract any attention from another prisoner or a warden.
First, Craig started to find a suitable cabin toilet. After searching for sometimes, he found a toilet whose ventilating fan was a bit rusty and weak and its screws and bolts were a little loose too. There was enough space for a person to go through so that was their best escape route. Secondly, they started to find a tool to unscrew the bolts and nuts, when Wayne had an excellent idea.

"We can steal a nail-clipper to unscrew the bolts, I mean as a screwdriver, it can be done."
So, that noon, Nathan went to the warden and said,

"My nails have grown so much. Can you please give me a nail-clipper. I'll return it as soon as I clip them."
And the warden gave him the nail-clipper.

As soon as Nathan took that, he quickly walked away from the warden's counter and headed straight to the toilet where Craig was hiding.

"I'll meet up with you later." Nathan said to Craig as he walked away from the toilets.

Craig quickly started working on the screws when he heard heavy footsteps towards the toilets. The cabin doors weren't much of a height, so Craig's head was visible as he stood on the toilet and unscrewed the bolts.
A male warden walked right into the room but luckily, Craig got his head down at the last moment or otherwise, he could have been caught.

The warden clanked all the doors with his stick to make sure that someone was in there. After that, he left.
"That was close!" Craig sighed and went back to work.

The next morning, all of them gathered to check their progress. They planned that day's work and started working on it again, silently. They did all the work and that day went past quite easily.

The next day, the ventilation fan was ready to be opened. It was Wayne's duty to remove the fan and hide it somewhere but they had to face another problem that, where that fan would be hidden but that problem was soon solved because of a great idea of Nathan. So that evening, when everyone had been let out for recreation, Wayne affected to be ill and the warden ordered him to remain in the cell. He said that he'd take Wayne to the hospital after the recreation and the warden left. Wayne quickly went to the toilet where he removed the fan, deconstructed it, handed it to Craig who was hiding in the next cabin. Craig took it, hid the parts in his trousers and went out to the garbage dump where he secretly threw the parts away.

After half an hour, the garbage truck came and took out the garbage and was out of V-State 93, which meant that the fan was removed. After that, all three of them gathered in the toilets out of the guard's sight. Now, there was a hole big enough for a lean person to squeeze through.

The recreation was going to end after an hour so they knew that they didn't have enough time. They had stolen some civilian clothes of the guards. They wore them and after a big hug, they one by one climbed out of the hole. First it was Wayne, then Craig and at last, Nathan. It was the back side of the prison which meant that they were outside the line of sight of the cameras. Now, they were outside but still.. not outside the danger and they knew it as soon as they saw a dog coming towards them.



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