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It was an August night at the club on the Groton Submarine Base when I seen him he was

at the bar with his friends I could not take my eyes off of him maybe it was his beautiful Green

eyes that caught my attention. I sat at the table with a few friends of mine then was getting ready

to leave to go to another club when his friend Steve came to stop me. I asked Steve what his friends

name was and he told me so I told him that I thought he was very cute and gave him my number

to give to his friend and told him to have his friend call me and Steve told me well what about me

and I said no that tell your friend that if wants to call me he has my number and then me and my friends left.

alot of people think that fairytails come true when you meet that certin someone that makes your

heart jump and when you kiss them its like the 4th of July going off in your head . They wine and dine

you treat you like a queen and they make you feel like your the only one in this world for them he seems like

the perfect person you go away to a caribbean Island for 1 week then the time comes when you both feel

its time to make the next move and make love and you do and its so wonderful that you feel your toes go

numb and right then and there you think he is the one. He is 5'9 about 145 pounds Black Hair and Beautiful

Green Eyes that you have ever seen it seems like love at first sight. Then he tell you about himself and that he is

in the Navy stationed on a Submarine and that he goes out on missions and sometimes he is gone 3 months

to 6 months at a time I still wonder if he is the one for me. So you decide to give it a shot and then he leaves

for 3 months and your heart is broken and you have a calendar and everyday he is gone you put an x on the day

and you write him 3 to 4 times aday because you miss him so much. You call the base to find out when the Submarine

will be pulling into port and you get the time and date. You get so excited because he is on his way home and

you cant wait to see him. you get all dressed up and look very sexy your the first one at the pier and your

sitting in your car then you see the Submarine comming towards the pier and you wait untill the ropes and

everything is secure and you see the hatch open and the men comming out and you wait to see the love of

your life you run to him and throw your arms around his neck and kiss him and tell him how much you miss

him then he gets his stuff and puts it in the car and you go home your so happy to see him and you ask him

about his trip but he cant tell you because its a military secret so you just hold hands all the way home

you get to your house and he gets out of his smelly cloths and he jumps in the shower to get all cleaned up

you sneak in the bathroom and slip off your cloths and make love in the shower and then go out to dinner

if he is not to tired all you both want is to be in echothers arms all night long. then you still wonder if he is

still the one. You date for 1 year and it seem like the Navy owns him he is always gone and you still do the

same thing with the calender and letters. Then he ask you to marry him and you think about it and then

you say yes so he buys you a ring and then its gone to sea again and then you find out that a navy man has

a woman in every port so he is never lonely so what ever country he is in what goes on there stays there

untill he has the nerve a few years later to tell you. By then your already married and you find out that the

submarine is getting stationed in Vallejo California so you decide to drive across country to meet the

Submarine when it gets to Mare Island in Vallejo California it takes you 3 weeks to drive across country

its so beautiful to see everything. then you find out that your exepecting your first child and your so

Happy and you meet all the other wonderful Navy Wife's and you all become friends your husband goes

out with his friends and plays pool and soft ball and you go for a drive in up in the wine valley and the

mountains are so beautiful. your husband works long hours and is always tired when he comes home you

feel so alone and start to think Is He The One? You learn to deal with not feeling alone because you now

have a baby boy to keep you busy while your husband is working long hours and your also very tired

being up all night with a baby and being up all day with the baby you finely get 4 hours of rest when the baby

takes his nap from 10:am to 2:pm and it never ends at all the baby grows up to be 1 years old and it just

never changes samething every day. Then your husband puts in for a transfure and you go back to

Conn this time your in Manchester Conn then you find out that your expecting your second child in

Febuary so you get a Doctor thats not Miltary because the base is 1 hour away and you husband is on shift

work thats very hard on you and your kids because of the hours he works you both hardly see eachother

and you feel for your son because there is no father figure in his life because all his dad did is work

all day and night and afternoon so we met some of our neighbours that had kids the same age as my

son so when his dad was working we would go over and have coffee and let the kids play it really

seemed to take my mind off of my marriage and seeing my son happy was worth it. even though his

little sister was still to small to play with the older kids my son was 2 1/2 when his sister was born

but its so hard to make friends when they are military because they leave and you loose touch with

them. Well then he put in for a transfur and he got put on the USS Fulton so we deciced to buy our

first house in Norwich Conn it was really a nice house I got a job at a department store and got

my days off when my husband Had duty so I could be home with the kids and sometimes I would

have to bring my kids to work with me and he would pick them up on his way home. I really thought

he was the one and that I had it all my marriage was everything I hope it would be a loving husband

a house and kids but there was something missing in my marriage no passion the magic was gone

the man I married had changed in so many ways we never went out he was always to busy for me

and the kids and when I would come home from work he would be asleep and before I left for work

I made sure dinner was ready and I had my son's cloths out for school. we never seen eachother

it was always hi and bye. Then he  Retired out of the Navy on a medical discharge so he filed for Social

Security Disabilty and we moved to St Croix USVI in 1987 it was Paradise alright it was a beautiful

place to live the beach was just so beautiful and you drove on the left side of the road so it was alot to get

use to and the Food was out of this world. It was ok if you was retired and had no kids and just

wanted to spend your time on the beach. It was boring there I got my daughter into horses when

she was 2 she was riding horses and then I had got a horse and I would teach her things she

needed to know about horses. when she was 7 years old I put her in Pony Club she was a fearless

child when she was on a horse soon she was jumping and then she was testing horses for parents

who wanted to buy horses for there kids so she was sorta a ginny pig and would let the parents

know if the horse was safe enough for there child to ride. But even being there in St Croix I

was so unhappy I was bored to death My husband had opened up a motorcycle repair shop and

he was always working from morning till night I would get so mad because I would cook dinner

and tell him it was ready and he would never eat a hot meal and it just upset me so much. I was

soon asking him if I can go on motorcycle rides with him when he went out with his friends and

sometimes he would tell me NO and other times he would be nice enough to ask me if I wanted

to go and I would take the chance and go. But still I wondered if he was the one I was so lonely

in Paradise I had a husband but there was nothing no passion at all in our marriage I had even

thought about leaving and packing up my kids and come back to the states I was so unhappy

But something in my heart told me not to go My God I loved this man with all my heart and soul

I would die for him and even take a bullet for him even though the emptiness was there I just

could not leave him my heart would not let me. Could it be that he was the one? well 14 years

together it was like it was over well we stayed there in St Croix untill 2000 and we moved to

Ocala Florida I wanted to start a new life for me and my family we moved on a horse farm that

A really good friend owned that I knew from St Croix he was buying another farm and was

fixing it up so we stayed in the trailer and his 92 year old mom was in the big house that I

would go over and clean the house and take care of his mom and take her where she needed

to go I worked at a small animal clinic and then I worked at a Equine Hospital at first I was

working as foal sitter taking care of sick foals and running IV fluids on them I love that job

then one of the Vets seen how good I was with horses and there was an opening for a Vet

Tech and I took the job with pride I worked nights at first as a foal sitter I worked from 11:pm

to 7:am and sometimes I would work a double shift 3 more times a week then when I got the

Job as a Vet Tech I was so proud of myself I was learning so much and taking care of horses

I was doing IV fluids and taking blood they even taught me how to hold a horse when they came

in with colic I did that job for 2 years and loved it but I really loved the Foals and spoiling them

it was so very hard when we would lose a foal or a horse because I loved them so much. Then

we bought another house on 6.5 acres it was a dream come true so I thought me and my husband

put up the fence for the horses it was so much fun working together. I hardly seen my husband

because of the hours I was working. Then I got my hours changed I would work weekends from

Friday 4:pm to 4:am and my last day was Monday mornings at 8:am to help the other shifts get

ready. working there took its toll on me so I had to leave from being hurt from horses I was

even kicked so hard by a horse in my left brest that it knocked me up agnist the wall and

I was in so much pain I could hardly breath I needed to go to the Emergency Room but my

Husband would not take me so my 14 year old daughter who did not even have a drivers

licence drove me to the Hospital now do you think he was the one? I could of died and he

would not have even cared and here I am his wife that would die for him and even take a bullet

for him. Well I stoped working on that Job and got another one working as a foal watch and

I worked from 7:pm to 7:am 5 days a week watching mares and when they foaled I would call the

farm mananger and we would deliver the beautiful baby foals and even on a weekend when I

would work from 3:30pm to 7:30:pm I would go back to the Equine Hospital and help with the

Horses and the Foals so I was never home always working and on my days off I would try so

hard to stay awake to clean the house and do laundry and cook dinner so I could spend

time with my husband and my kids. Then my life took a turn for the worse My Husband

deciced to cheat on me and hide it I was working my butt off and he was doing a fat ugly

old woman while I was at work. My world fell apart right before my eyes I was so busy

working and never seen the signs of him cheating on me then on June 21 2003 I was

in the shower with him he told me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me well

we made love in the shower and the next day he looked at me and said I want a seperation

I was heart broken I followed him when he left the house and there was his truck at her

house I even asked him if there was someone else and he said no then one day me and

my daughter went to her house and he came out with his pants undone and no shirt and

no shoes and when we asked him what he was doing he said he was fixing her dryer

ok we are not stupid an old fat ugly woman he was fixing her dryer more like cleaning

out her cob webs well this went on and on then on July 4th he said he had to farm sit because

the people he is working for had to go out of town and that he would be back in 2 weeks

well when it was time for him to come home he did not come home he did not even have the

nerve to tell me he was gone for good well I sat on my front porch for 6 hours waiting for him

it hurt me so bad that he was not even man enough to tell me anything at all and when I went

off on him I wanted to burn his cloths so the cops came and told him he had to leave in 5 mins

so he did. When I had the chance to talk to him I wanted to know that if there was a problem

in our marriage why did he not come to me and talk about it so we could fix it and he said

maybe its because I did not want to fix it. I believe in my wedding vows and told him I will

never divorce him because I was not the one who walked out on his family and I was not

the one who put his penis in that old fay ugly woman I even asked him what was he thinking

when he was screwing her did he not think he had a faithful and devoted wife at home who

loved him so much. I even asked him why he bought this house if he knew he was going to be

a cheater and he said it was for me and my kids. well he is still paying on the house and he

will keep paying on the house since it was a gift to me. but he does not do any upkeep on

the house or the 6.5 acres its left up to me to do alone. So You Think He Is The One?

well I tried everything I could to save my marriage I went to the farm he was at and would have sex with him I did

everything possible to save my marriage but there was a time when I tried to kill myself by talking a bunch of pills

he was my world the man I adored he was my soul mate and I did not want to live without him in my life it

seemed everything went wrong. My son who was 21 at the time got into a major motorcycle accident he hit a

Dodge Ram 3500 Duley on his bike head on he was in really bad shape and where do you think his father was?

well he was in Tenn screwing his whore while me and my daughter was at the hospital with my son who was

fighting for his life. My husband should of been by my side when the Dr told me and my daughter that My son

might not make it through the night. Well He finely came to the hospital and seen how bad his son was it did not

make a diffrence at all because he went home to his whore every night and I stayed by my son's side. My son

was on a resperaitor for 3 weeks fighting for his life and me and my daughter stayed there with him my husband

would come and stay a few hours and then leave to go to his whore. I went into the Chaple in the Hospital and Told

God to please take me but let my son live and I was in the chaple all the time and my husband would ask my

daughter where is your mother and she would tell him in the Chaple praying. Well my son came home and it was

me and my daughter taking care of him we did shift work she would stay up all night with him and I would have

him during the day because I took him to therapy 4 days a week  the Dr told my husband not to have me give my

son a shower because I am so tiny and if he fell on me he would hurt me really bad. Well it was a fight to get

him to come to the house to give his son a bath his whore was more Important then his family and she still

is. But it was always me from the time my kids were born I did everything. So you still think he is the one?

Well its been almost 7 years since he has been with that ugly fat old bitch and he is not

even Faithful to her at all. he still has sex with me and the sex has been great we have

had more sex now than we did in the 29 years that we are married he will come over to

the house and we will have sex when she is out of town he calls me and we have sex hell

her father died and she was in St Pete and he was having sex with me and her mom is sick

and she is in St Pete and he is still having sex with me and she has no clue at all what he is

doing what kind of heart does this person have that his whore's dad died and all he can

think about is calling me to have sex with him and she has no clue at all whats been going

my mother has always told me that once a cheat always a cheat and he is cheating on her

with me and to be honest oh well I am still his wife and always will be his wife what he is

doing I just wish she knew or would find out because like I said I am still his wife and I

believe in my wedding vows she will never ever be his wife or have his last name she will

never ever be a step mother to my kids all she will ever be is a Whore in my book for

going after a married man and breaking up a marriage. I am still Faithful to him and very

Devoted to him and its been almost 7 years and I have never been with another man at

all and have not dated anyone. I have all the proff I need about us having sex because I mark

it on my calender everytime we have sex and we have had sex on every part of the farm

that he is working on. So Is He The One? I gave 29 years of my life to this man he does

not care about anything at all except the old bitch he is living with he does not care

about the kids at all or his family when he walked out 7 years ago we became dead to him

I rtill believe that what goes around will come around and bite ya in the ass and I do hope

I am still alive to see it so I can laugh I have nothing to hide at all he gives me no money

all the jewerly that i had gotton from him over the years I had to hock just to put food on

the table and get thins that I needed like laundery soap garbage bags toilet paper I even

had to hock everything my dead father gave my mom to give to me because I needed

the money I have not 1 thing that belongs to my father and it hurts very bad because

my father died when I was 14 and I had to sell what was let to me to help my kids and put

food on the table. there was times when we had no food at all and I would ask him for money

to buy food he would look in the cabnets and in the fridge and it would be empty and

he would get in his car and leave and we would go hungry because his Whore comes first

she has always come first since the day he left and walked out to be with that old fat ugly whore

we dont have Christmas anymore or celebraite New Years or other Holidays because its

all for Family and he broke up our family. I have been sick with Pneumonia since the 14

0f Dec 2009 I had somethings to hock just to get medicine for it or I would of died

because he does not care about me at all the only time he cares is when she is in St Pete

then he calls me to come over. The only thing he does is that he Pays the Mortgage

on the house and the Electric thats it. The house is falling apart the bathroom tiles

are falling of the walls and it is so rotton behind them with mildew we are all getting

sick from this house even the walls are bowing because when it rains water gets behind

the walls and makes them bow out. I was going to write to that TV show extream makeover

to see if they could do something about my house I even have a beautiful 4 year old

grand daughter who is also getting sick because ot the mold and mildew in my house

the house was like this when we bought it and he said he would fix it and has not

done anything except put a new water heater in because our other one caught fire

and the new one we had sat in the livingroom for almost 1 year before it got put

in. This whole house needs a make over or needs to be bulldozed to the ground

as far as selling it I would not get a dime for it because of the house and condition

it is in I pray everynite that thing will get better for me and my family I even pray that I

will be able to get a new car since mine is falling apart my back tire is falling off and

he said he would fix it for me and never did I have always taken care of my cars but

things happen I had a beautiful truck that I loved so much and my son totaled it so

I was stuck with getting a 1995 Monte Carlo that was in a hail storm and looks like its

been in A drive by shooting. I just wish I had another newer Green or Blue 2000 to

2004 Monte Carlo SS that is in great condition and safe for me to drive with my

Grand Daughter in it. There are no jobs here in Ocala I have applyed all over and

not even 1 call even my daughter cant find a job either and if by chance we get

one we will have to drive a very unsafe car to work and back home again because

even though the car is not safe to drive it has no Insurence because I cant pay

for it and he wont help me either and I am not the type of person to even ask

anyone for help at all ever since 2003 my life has been hell and its not getting any better at all. just think how

you would feel that you have done everything for your son only to know that he hates you so much and wants

nothing to do with you and has no respect for you at all and wont help you if you asked him to but yet he is stuck

up his fathers ass 24-7 when it was me who did everything for him it hurts so bad inside I think if my son

ever put his arms around me and said mom I love you I would die but that will never happen at all . I just pray to

God that he can please help me and help

my life get better this 2010. Thank You For Reading This And Hope It Will Open

Your Eyes To See If You Think He Is The One. Always Remember Once A Cheat

Always A Cheat. God Bless You .


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