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Country: United States
Favorite book: Looking for Alaska
Member Since: Apr 14, 2011

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Full Moon Rising (Edited)

Novel by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: Jul 15, 2011
Love. It has crazy desires for who it wants and when it...

Full Moon Rising.

Novel by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: Jun 26, 2011
The Pack: While going against their parents' rules on a...

Full Moon Rising - Characters&Summary

Novel by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: Jun 26, 2011
The Pack: While going against their parents' rules on a...

Slow Suicide

Novel by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: Jun 5, 2011
Cameron is a Junior. Hes got looks, talent, money and the...

Exhausted Mattress- Characters

by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: May 30, 2011
These are the pictures i think would work for the...

Exhausted Mattress

Novel by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: May 28, 2011
Mercedes, a 6 year dancer, and Cameron,an 8 year...

I Can Chug Orange Crush

Novel by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: May 16, 2011
The Summary is in "I Can Chug Orange Crush-Background" [:...

I Can Chug Orange Crush-Character-Main- #1girl-Reagan

by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: May 15, 2011
This is a picture of how i would see the #1 main girl...

I Can Chug Orange Crush-Characters-Main #1-Ethan

by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: May 14, 2011
This is the 1st Guy main character of I Can Chug Orange...

I Can Chug Orange Crush- Background

by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: May 14, 2011
I hope you guys like iiiitt[: Its a new story and its...

Hometown Heros National Nobodies

Novel by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: May 1, 2011
For Alex, coming home from tour was nothing special,...

Living Under A Paper Moon

Novel by OliviaBarakarth0JalexBarakarth
Posted: Apr 30, 2011
Im really lazy when it comes to writing summeries. Soo......

 Hey there guys! Im Olivia. Im just like your normal teen.   I lose things that are right in front of me...  I like eating food... sometimes in weird ways.



 I like to pretend to be hot stuff I get distracted... easily.   i love cats


  I act strange in the worst moments.    I weird myself out sometimes and try to cover it up..   Romance isnt something i can work with in the real word so i replace it with humor... or something my brain tells me the other would like.. Um. Haha. Yeah...

 Im strange when im by myself.. Naughty words will arise. Cats and i get along wornderfully. We have stare downs.   And I reaaaally love cats.

Hey guys! I hope you had a lovely time looking at those gifs of the wonderful...

 MATTG124! :3 He's offa youtube and he's canadian and i love him and he's awesome and.... yeah.[: Haha, but let's just get to the stuff.

Im Olivia. As you can see, have a slight obsession with Mattg, but i also have an obsession with All Time Low (hence the username) and music in general. I dont really feel like writing this because at this moment RIGHT NOW (7:15pm, December 18th) im working on something, writing something and i just want to get back to it. It has no title yet, though./: So, ill go over basics and then post more pictures of stuff and stuff. Sound good? Good. ps. My writing isnt at all like this... its More mature. Haha.



*Music Junky (majority of my writing deals with the main character loving music or something)

*I struggle with something that... well, i get sad sometimes. ;P

*Im really... like REALLY awkward. So. I'll have a hard time talking to you.

* I FLUFFIN LOVE CATS! <33 Especially the naked ones.

* I like Meerkats. I have one (stuffed and plush) named Jack. As in Barakat.

* I love writing romance. It's my favorite thing.

*Right now, i'm in a fantasy/romance place in my life. Sadly no Vamps. But Werewolves and Angels are a go.

*I normally wont read reading requests cause im lazy, but if you make me think that i'd love your story, i'd probably give it a chance[:

* I have trouble finishing stories right away. Its like, okay, i'll do 10 chapters of you but then ill get a different idea and work on that and come back to you later.

*Umm... Am i missing anything? I dunno. I'm from England... if that counts?

Well, comment on what i write so i know what you think of my stuff and maybe even like it? i dunno. Whatevers cool i guess.

*If you want to, you should totally go read my novels Screeching In Silence and Secrets Never Slip. I think that's what it should be called. I've been iffy about the title for it so far, but that could all change. The song Secrets Never Slip by Seven Story Fall fits the romance between the two characters so, yeah. Do it man!*

 I enjoy drawing stuff like that <<<



   I do this.. A LOT at school. Cuz. Yknow. I Dont know what to do... Cuz im a fish! #lolwut?




I'll add more soon enough. Later guys.


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