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Booksie - About Us
Publish. Read. Get Read. Get fed upwith the site because of countless problems. Leave.
Booksie's goal is to provide writers with an easy way to publish and promote their work and to provide readers with access to the best creative writing on the Web,
organized and catalogued for easy browsing and ignore its community because we really don't care about you.
On Booksie, writers can:
Post novels, short stories, poetry, articles, and more like get hate spam and meet really horrible people.
Receive and respond to comments and have people spam the hell out of you constanlty.
Track visits to their writing and have comments deleted at any time as well as finding that people visit but don't post a comment or rate.
Make it onto the site's Top 20 ranking lists even though there are untold, countless people on this site so that will never happen.
Build and communicate with a fan-base and fight with people who think they are better then you who will ask for you to be there fan and then they will fan you.
Build a Booksie Profile Page that encounters probelms constantly with either your writing post or general profile information.
Submit links to creative writing published elsewhere even though they don't really care either.
Edit and remove your writing. Or at least try and find out that it always causes problems with the text or doesn' t
actually remove your writing even though you clicked the delete button.
Readers can:
Serve as editors, determining which work receives more exposure on the homepage and the different genre publishing pages. Like our wonderful erotica and much much more.
Comment and rate. Or not bother and just spam all the time or get upset when critical comments are made. Or never answer your comments at all.
Become a fan and receive writer updates. Or become a fan and never receive any updates at all or become a fan and then never hear from them again.
Communicate, interact, and support your favorite writers. Who all think they are better then you are and remind you constantly by generally being unkind and
spamming you religiously
Booksie FAQs
Does this Cost Anything?
Just your soul. No, just kidding. It's free to publish and read. Maybe some self esteem and if you get harrasment from anyone we will ban YOUR ip and delete your account.
Do I retain ownership of my work?
Yes, absolutely. You retain full rights to your work and may do with it as you please. Please see the Member Agreement to view our rights policy. But like we said,
if we want we can delete your account at any time without giving any reason at all.
How Can I Get My Writing on Booksie?
There are two ways to get your writing included in the Booksie Creative Writing Index. You can either publish it directly on the site. In this case,
your content will appear on a Booksie page and you can use all of the Booksie tools to promote it. Or at least you can try to use the tools that don't work half the time.
Or, you can add your writing to the index by linking to it from Booksie. Which we have also had problems with. Your choice.
In both cases, your writing will appear in the index and on your Booksie page. With any luck or not at all we may have problems but we have loads so don't worry.
I have my writing published on another site.
Can I still include it in the Booksie index?
Yes. You can link to that piece of content from Booksie. We only allow links directly to a short story, novel, poem, or some other creative piece of content.
Links to the homepages of websites, the front of your Myspace pages, or non-relevant content will be deleted. We're building an index of writing, not of irrelevant homepages.
Help us make this happen. Or just don't bother, not much point really.
Can I include someone else's writing that I've enjoyed in the Booksie index?
Yes, you can add their writing to the index via the link functionality. It may work it may not. We just don't care really.
Why Should I Add My Writing to Booksie?
Several reasons:
Flexibility. We give you tools to publish your work on the site or link to work published elsewhere, even though they don't work properly.
No other creative writing site on the Web does that. Actually they do but who cares.
Control. As an author you have total control of your experience. You can remove your work whenever you want, delete innapropriate comments you receive,
and monitor the number of visits and reads you get. You also retain full ownership of your work. But when you try to change anything on your account be it
profile info or writing you may encounter constant problems. In fact you will always encounter problems, all of the time.
Exposure. Booksie is visited by tens of thousands of readers a month eager to find interesting writing to read and spam you and generally give you grief.
The site also optimizes your work so that it is found by readers searching via the search engines - Google, Yahoo, etc. So people can view it on the web and then become a
menber and give you grief.
Fun. Writers and readers on the site enjoy meeting on another, bondings over common likes, and inspiring each other to future literary endeavors. Where as other just enjoy being hateful and generally giving you grief constanly.
Mission. Be a part of something bigger. Help us build the largest organized dbase of creative and literary writing in the world. Put up with all the problems that this site has to offer and there are loads of them.
Free. Doing all of this is completely free. You don't have to pay for all these problems which is a good thing at least.
Why Is Publishing on Booksie Better than On a Regular Blog?
Booksie was created specifically for creative writing and literature. Organizing a book on a blog is not easy. Blogs also don't organize your portfolio. They are designed for time-based journal writing, not literary writing. Check out the profile of some of our users and you'll see how Booksie organizes your portfolio and gives you tools (including a micro-Blogger) to connect with your audience. You can Feature certain work in your porfolio, embed images and video, tell your writers about the latest news (micro-Blogging), and keep tabs of your fans.
And if you'd prefer to post on a Blog or another site, that's cool. Why not link to it from Booksie and add your work to the index. It's free and it will only drive more readers and visitors to your pages.
For additional FAQs please click here.
We welcome your thoughts, comments, and suggestions. Please email us at webmaster@Booksie.com with your feedback. Even though will will never get back to you or anyone because we really could not care less. So, actually, don't bother.


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