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Article By: alhain


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You know it is love when the one who comes to you comes with the reminder that the life you are about to live is not just for yourself but for the world…the one who loves you will not let you do wrong to another…the one who loves you will create a space and environment in which you go about the business of god…the business of god is that all must feel love. You will know it is love when it hardly seek to control…you know it is love when it comes to build more than a kingdom…it is love when it alleviate the suffering in you…it is love when the two become one trough the unique idea of the father…tell me if I am wrong but love sees in each action an opportunity to see in other a land that can be watered so that the thought of god might repose and grow in it. This is love…love is not the jewels and the sex…love is about good and good only. In love I have refused to go for another man, in love he has refused to go for another woman…she sees what we cannot see. She couldn't even hold herself but she jumped on the first occasion to bring about healing and peace. She heard about the plan to kill her yet she engendered the one who shall come to save and his name was love…let there be light is the command…yes let there be love….fight against you dark side, fight against the Jacob in you until wounded you seek the blessing and it will be given unto you for ever more and more and your name shall be called ISRAEL. Do not stand idle but come and join the choirs and you shall see truth as what you came trough. It is scary to live among the wolf of power and the beast of selfishness yet trough their darkness a way will be made and you shall come on the other side victorious. Fight it in you and it shall be diminished. Until the world has just done that there shall be no peace and love. The devil is your refusal to serve god and his idea. NOW LET THERE BE LIGHT.

It was a thing to which I had never paid attention…you know well as I know that we all go after freedom and after a few years of this hype we sit by the river side looking back at it all and we realized that what was the freedom we wanted had turn into FREEDOOM…there is not much you can do about it was a thing that we thought we could tell ourselves so that we can avoid facing the consequences of our CREATED DOOM…we take a look into all the options available and we realize that there are indeed a lot of them…you have a lot…infinite choices like spiritualism and many more but all that is simply another layer we cover our dirt with…if it wasn't for love this world wouldn't be…here at our disposition is an opportunity to love and to be…yet to the creator himself/herself we have never paid attention…we know that we are the creature and we feel far from him yet we are part of this thought trough which the world came into being…more than him telling us not to kill he tells us the why not…more than the refusal to live a self indulgent life he shows example trough nature and the stars in the sky…we go about studying the laws of nature and we praise ourselves for having created planes and big building, yet we hardly hear the anguish of the abused woman, we hardly feel the pain of the enslaved…we go away where there is noise so that we might not face the truth staring us in the eyes…who are we is something we hardly ask ourselves…there is a plan and a better one for all of us in the eyes of god…love is god and god is love…after having faced this truth we all have a choice to make and this choice will determine the rest of our lives…are we part of the sickness or are we the healing factor and god's agents on earth? God doesn't need servant but he calls us his children because he is the father indeed who wills no hurt on his children…it took us years and for some days to come to the fact that apart from a life lived in love there can not be another life…if respect comes from admiration and fear, love is born of understanding of the IDEA OF THE CREATOR. In time as we correct ourselves we shall become a light and those who have come across our path will look at us from the bridge and they will see truth and together we shall unite not to fight evil and the devil but to realize the evil and the devil can only come to this world trough our ignorance of the fact that there is indeed a thought of the creator we must all seek to know…you have heard about LOVE, LOVE AND LOVE but what is love if you still stand before GOD? Love is true love when you merge with god trough his thought and instead of standing before him you stand by his side in compassion you go about the business of the father with the vision in your head….be warned you will be not so like the rest of the ignorant masses and for this your life will always be on the line and for this you will be despised but I can reassure you that in truth it is there and there shall it be. I mean love is there and after they will do away with your arm, they will not kill the children you have birthed trough love for the father…..LET THERE BE LIGHT.


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