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Parents ''O'' parents

Article By: Areesha

Plz avoid spelling and words mistakes its my first article hope u will like

This is 21st century this is the century of dreams. . Everyperson has dreams, Everyone wants become something wants proove their self,
So what is stoping us?? why cann't we becOme sOmething that we want?? %)
Suppose: I want to become a writter but my parents don't want me to be a writter :( So what do i do?? Why do i break my dreams for my parents?? Why do i kill my wishes just for fulfilling my parent's wishes?? :@ So here is the answers. . If today yOu are able to read this article sO its all because of yOur parents, :) Just remember that day when you started to go to school, you got irritated from schoOl in few days, you wanted to sleEp you wanted to play but you didn't like to go to schOol :P at that time your parents forced you to go to school and you felt that your parents don't care about your likes, but nOw just think about it and you will surely realize that this all was only for your benefit,, :> Just try to feEl how much pain your mOther tolerated while giving you birth, :| and how much mOney your father spent on you,, its easy to spend money but its difficult to earn a single rupee,, Your parents always tried to fulfil all your wishes. . So why cann't you fulfill their wishes why cann't you be what your parents want you to be :- ,
Suppose: You have cOoked a dish for your self, n you are all ready to eat it, you spent all your mOney in buying its igredients :D but suddenly it starts to give out bad smell it becomes bitter, :O Now you are feeling sO heart broken, you are sad that how much time, mOney and expectations you wasted on the dish ;( and nOw when it was all ready to eat it has been ruined,, sO just think how your parents would feel when you give them negative answers when you ill treat them,, Just remember that day when you were a child you didn't know how to eat you cann't even walk,, at that time your parents took care of you they prepared special mashed food for you because you didnot have teeth to chew food, they gave you their hand for support to walk, And just take something in your accOunt that there will be a day when your parents will be old, and their teeth will break that they will be unable to eat and their bones will nOt be strong enough to walk, At that time will you prepare special food for them as they did?? Will you give them support to walk as they gave?? Will you pay their hospitals bill as they paid your schoOl fees??

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