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Regional Immortals Book 1: Character Pics

Article By: Artemis Nightshade

Here are pictures of what the characters somewhat look like. I owe none of them only my characters, story, plot, etc.

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Caroline Haddard- Age: 16, height: 5'6, weapon: pistol, hair color: brown, eyes: hazel. History: Caroline is from Regional 17, she is the youngest of there three siblings which contains mostly boys. She can be cold-hearted when her family and or friends are hurt. She's best friends with Avery Johnson who is her cousin form a different Region. Caroline is known to be a thief kind of like Robin Hood but mostly like Jesse James. She used to be enemies to Lucinda but later realizes that Lu cannot control herself and they become friends when Caroline saves her. She is immortal like everyone is. She is taken by The Regional Captions at the age of 13. Statues: Alive. She is nicknamed Jesse as in Jesse James for her gun slinging and thieving. Group: The Regional Resistances.


Lucinda/LuLu/Luci- Age: 15, height 5'3, weapon: two knives, hair: ebony, eyes: dark brown. History: Lucinda is from Regional 9; she is the younger twin sister to Terah who appears in Book 2. Lucinda wears glasses as a self-hypnosis and without them; she becomes a merciless killing machine. She's best friends with Zachary Stryker who is also her lover. Lucinda with her glasses is known to be a cheerful girl but with her glasses off, stand back! She used to be enemies to Caroline but that's because Brittany destroyed her glasses and Luci couldn't control her fighting; now she and Caroline are friends. Lucinda was taken by the Regional Captions at the age of eleven. Nickname: Merciless Child. Status: Deceased, she was killed by Nicolette when her immortal stone was removed form her body. Group: Regional Resistance. Note-This is her without the glasses.


Zachary Stryker- Age: 18, height: 6'0, weapon: lighter, hair: black with some red highlights, eyes: grey. History: He is from Regional 5, it very humid and if you are not used to the heat, you will die. He's is hot-headed (duh) but is always there in your darkest hour. No one really knows where he goes off after a fight or anything. He loves and fears Lucinda, when Lucinda died; he got really mad and made a conflagration in Regional 13. As revenge, he goes to kill Nicolette only to be defeated by her with his own weapon. He is considered an only child even though he has an older brother and sister but they drowned from Regional 2. He hates Avery but they become friends eventually when they save each other. He was never taken by the Regional Captions because he was "just too hot!" Status: Deceased, killed by Nicolette but with his own weapon. Group: Regional Resistance. Nickname: Pyrokinesis.


Avery Johnson- Age: 17, height: 5'9, weapon: harpoon, hair: blond, eyes: sea blue. History: He is Caroline's cousin from Regional 2, that's very close to Regional 1 where the Regional Captions live and their family and workers live. He is the younger brother of two sisters, he has a baby brother but he is not eligible enough to join the games. He, like any other Regionalists are excellent fishermen. He lives with his cousin and oddly, even though he was born out in sea, he gets seasick easily. Status: Missing, they lost him in Regional 15, which is like the Amazon jungle only worse. Group: Regional Resistance.


Nicolette Raxington- Age: 17, height: 5'8, weapon: sword, hair: blond, eyes: blood red, like her father's. History: She is born in Regional 13 but lived in Regional 1 here whole life. Her father is from Regional 1 and her mother is from Regional 13. She has a younger brother but he remained a secret until Book 2. She is cold-hearted and merciless, much like Lucinda when her glasses are off. She killed both Lucinda and Zachary. With Lucinda, she ripped the immortal stone from her body and with Zachary, when he is about to burn her, she takes out two fans she stole from her previous victim and whips them, creating wind and Zach's fire backfires and burns him. Status: Alive. Group: Regional Assassins and Regional Captions.


Jason Raxington- Age: 16, height 5'11, weapon: bow and arrow, hair: blond with brown highlights, eyes: Green, like his mother's. History: Nothing much is said about his past only that he appears as the main protagonist and narrator in Book 2, was born in Regional 13 but lived in Regional 1 his whole life. He is the younger hidden brother of Nicolette. He loves Caroline but she only sees him as an enemy. He's not very close to anyone, not even his own family. He has never killed anyone but he is the only one who has the map to get out of the Regional Dystopia. Status: Alive. Group: Regional Captions, Regional Assassins, then later: Regional Resistance.


Grimm Raxington- Age: 34, height: 6'4, weapon: unknown, hair: unknown, eyes: blood red. History: He is the leader of the Regional Captions as well as the main antagonist. He is the middle child of the three siblings. He has twokidsnamed Nicolette and Jason Raxington. He has no humanity whatsoever. He helped give birth to his children at Regional 13, it's cursed there and later they moved back to Regional 1. His wife is named: Isabelle, she is just as evil as he is. Status: unknown. Group: Regional Captions, leader. Nicknamed: Regional Leader. His Achilles' heel is his wife, Isabelle, a cursed lady born from regional 13, although he doesn't care about her curse, his fear is of what happens to her.


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