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Introduction of my series project

Article By: Batlekies

I am introducing the general idea of my series. Then, I am introducing the themes and presenting the most important characters........

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My series will be a glorification of my long experience and an issue of the very important and very dangerous truths I have discovered. Then, I will add some beautiful creations and make my very special and very revolutionnary style in my series. The themes and the events will be so orginal that they cannot be classified in any of the classical genres we know. The first and major theme in my series is a deep focus on some great and very exceptional persons (heroes) who will act as the protagonist. Those protagonist are generally creative and intellectual people (writers, philosophers, activists.........) who will do their noble jobs challenging all the bandits and all the evil jealous people. They will create projects which would overwhelm the crouds, lead collective actions that will bring nice glories for the whole public, and lead associations which will include many supporters and many nice people looking for high levels. Then, they will bravely challenge all the bandit enemies (politicians, investigations, foreign agents........) having no fear of them and confronting them very boldly whenever they are attacked. I will create a parrallelism then an alliance between the male protagonist and the female protagonst in the process of my series. The male protagonist will be a philosopher and a poet who will have a very large communauty of supporters. He will be the perfect leader and knight doing the best jobs, making the noblest sacrifices, leading the most glorious actions and carrying out the most virtuous campaigns. He will be so wise, so quite and so good. However, he will master the best ways to challenge the enemies and defeat them. If we want to talk now about the female protagonist, she is a very exceptional and very rare great woman holding very high qualities. She will thunder the minds of many men thinking of themselves as the most educated and she will make the boldest quake in the area. This woman writes many original items in private notebooks which very cruelly shocks the reader and freezes him before he gets up again seeing many universal issues he had never seen before. Then, she will lead many actions very special and many plans very effiective that will make the great quake in the environment and among people and will make people ask multiple questions and seek many new issues. This woman will carry on many jobs and adventures which are very difficult and very exhaustive; so after her success on them thanks to her strenght and her patience, te effects and the results in the environment will be long term shocking, thundering and headaching, but finally very positive and very profiting. This woman will enter in humanitarian engagements with many miserable men very good and really great but oppressed and suppressed and she will support them and stand by them then direct them to force themselves in magnificient jobs which would give profit for them and for her; so that they will be very thankful for her, love her, serve her, obey her and be in her ring the best knights. This woman will be the main source of terrible shocks, thunders and headaches for the high levelled men which would lead them at the end to very positive results. Then, the evil bandits will experience the worst terrors and suffer the most burning torture with her. They will be boldly banged and almost get crazy with her. They will be very weak, very disable and very miserable at her hands thanks to her very professional war and confrontation techniques and thanks to her braveness and her confidence. At the end, they will end up collapsing at her hands in the most cruel way being in a more than imaginnary down situation and almost never get up again. She and her women group will make the most thundering plans and will be the main source of wonders for the general public and positive shocks, thunders and headaches for important men and the main source of terrors, anguish and defeat for evil men. If we want to compare now between the male protagonist and the female protgonist, they are almost equal in strenght. However, as she is a woman, she will naturally be more troublemaking, less reasonnable, less quiet, less tolerant, much less merciful, less comprehensive and much more cruel than the male protagonist...........


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