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Aliens real or fake

Article By: Berehulke

Are aliens really real.. real proof

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Aliens Real or Fake?
Since the beginning of mankind to the 25th Century aliens<et> and there spacecraft (UfO) have been seen entering our planet. Are these just humans dreaming or true fact? In the ancient times cave drawings show such UFO on the walls of their caves. From the first Cave drawing to late Egypt holographs, show pictures of ET and UFO. The astonishing part is that the aliens Look the same, same eyes same head, overall they have lots of similarities. Now im sure that is just every human dreaming of the same alien figure? I don't think so. Every human has their own imagination and idea's of what a ET would look like but for ancient civilizations that had no communication and had little idea of world events it seems unlikely that all the aliens would have a huge similarity. In 329 B.C. Alexander the Great historians recorded Alexander tried to cross the Indus river when he was intercepted by flying, gleaming silver shields. These flying shields swooped down on his cavalry several times, making both his soldiers and the enemy soldiers disperse in wild retreat. 7 years later while trying to invade the city of Tyre, another flying shield hovering over the battlefield, shot a beam of light at the fortified wall of the city, destroying a section of it, thus facilitating Alexander's conquest of the city. This event was recorded by both sides of this epic battle, making this event all the more credible? Your probably saying I want to see the real scroll? Well The scroll is hidden locked away, to hide the true facts.

So If The ancient civilizations don't convince you. Maybe some of the videos captured by the modern day video camera. Yes People can alter videos that is true. But if you research videos on youtube you will find hundreds of accounts. I searched the internet and videos for months And i found alot of evidence, but the most unique is a story about when in 1974 NASA sent out a message about our Planet, are DNA, how tall we are, that we live on the 3rd plant from the sun and a picture of how we transmit are message. 27 years later in Maldekian (Crop Circle) the aliens sent a message back, This message was writin in a crop circle in England. Way to large and complex for humans to complete in a night let along 1 month. The message referred to the code we sent out 27 years ago. It showed their DNA and how they look, how many planets they have and their population. They also left a picture at the bottom of their device they used to send there message. A year later in the same field they would create another crop circle. It was a huge picture of there species with a disk like a CD to the side.The Disk was decoded like a CD and there was a Message to us. The message stated ""Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there .We oppose deception. Conduit closing". The Government didn't have time to cover it up before news and camera flooded the scene so they just said its a hoax. Then like the people we are we go back to our daily lifes not caring about real fax's .No way was it a hoax, no group could ever construct such a crop circle of such size and complexity in one night, a project that size would take up to 3 months with a hundred man team. But what could this message mean?

The Aleins Start out by saying "Beware the bearers of false gifts" In this line they are talking about are Government systems from all around the world holding unto truths of aliens, the aliens are referring "The Gift" to what Humans could really achieve if we all believed as a hole civilization their is more out there then just us. Then they say "and their broken promises". They still talk about our government here. They talk about how our government is using religion to control the theory that we are alone and god created earth. "Much Pain, But still time" Much pain refers to the pain and hurt it will be for the human race to except the fact we are not alone and it also refers to the pain we will endure from the lies of the Governments . "But still time" Meaning as advanced as we are we still have time to change the ways of our false assumptions on other life forms and how we run our planet. Then they say "Believe There is good out there" They are telling us that They only come to help and if we believe only good can come. Next they say "We oppose deception". Here they are talking about in the past how we have done roung to them, In military cases covered up there are told stories on The military shooting and destroying ufo crafts. They are basically saying if we invite them don't go and back stab them. Its also saying they will take action if needed but that is there last intention. "Conduit closing". This means they are ending their message they use the word "Conduit" because it means a communication from another life form. When taking this all into context they are telling our Government to break free and open up the books of lies they have kept locked up for so long. Will the government tell us the truth?

Why has the government not told the truth? There are several worries for our governments to come forth with such evidence. First evidence like this can send the human race racing for new beliefs this could cause mass rioting and this will damage the government system massively . Second religious groups would start disbanding and the hole idea of our one god would diminish. Religion and Politics have had a huge impact on what we are today. But their many lies are starting to creep up on them as humans grow more boxed by the rules of the government. The people as a hole will only become more cornered before we riot agenst or political systems. That time is close, in a few more decades our government system will be overthrown if they continue to rule as they are. The Goverment has "The Gift" to change us, hidden deep in their vaults lies stories and real encounters of aliens maybe even deals between our species have already been made. In 2009-2010 Famous asternout came forth on youtube his name Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 he talks about his encounters of aliens and how the government has been covering aliens up since 1947 .He also asks the government to step forth. Another asternaut came forth Buzz Aldrin from Apollo 11 telling a storie of his alien sitting in space. Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer also tells the government of the US to step forth with their evidence of UFO and aliens on camrea in 2008. Since Obama has came into power in the US many people have asked him if he would be the one to reveal the real truth about aliens.
From all the evidence I have found. Aliens are real and all the proof is starting to catch up with our government system. They can only cover this up for a little longer as more and more proof to the civilians of earth barrel in each day and that these sittings are really other life forms. Do your own research and see what you come up with. You will find out that the future of our civilization rests on "The Gift" we hold ,about the truth of other life forms that are in our solar system each day


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