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Booksie Releases Several Enhancements, Including BooksieSilk Spin-off Site for Mature Content

Article By: BooksieGuy

After many months of work, we are pleased to announce the release of several major Booksie enhancements. The biggest of these is the spin-off of a new site called BooksieSilk. In addition to this, we have upgraded the tracking system to make the site faster, have added anti-spam features, and have added options for users to filter work by Likes and Comments. Beyond that, we have made many smaller enhancements to increase the speed and stability of the site and to fight spam.

Submitted:Apr 11, 2013    Reads: 12,583    Comments: 611    Likes: 16   

August 25, 2015

It's been awhile since we've left an update, mainly because we've been busy at work. Now after nearly two years of toil, we are getting ready to launch a major upgrade to Booksie. The site will be faster, have more features, and eliminate many of the bugs that you have mentioned below in the comments section. Yes, we do listen. The site will work great on mobile, tablet, laptop or computer, have private messaging, message boards, and a new feature called Houses. Houses will allow anyone who wants to start their own publishing company. More on this later.

We've made thousands of improvements and we're excited to have you start using it. When will the upgrade happen? Sometime in the next 2-4 weeks although deadlines can slip. Still, stay tuned...More to come shortly.

July 29, 2014


Hi everyone, we are aware that the Read counts are not displaying on the site. We will have this fixed shortly. In the meantime, read data is still being collected even if it is not displayed on the site. Thanks for your patience.


Update February 28, 2014

Hi everyone. I wanted to provide a few updates and answers to a common question. We are working on a new version of Booksie that should be ready in 4-5 months. It will upgrade every feature of the site, including publishing, messaging, commenting, mobile support, etc. We'll let you know more as we get closer and we have already invited a few members of Booksie to use the beta. We'll be extending more invitiations as we get closer.

Now, a common question we get in the messages below is how do you delete content. The current site has a klugy system for doing so. To delete content you must first delete the inner sections of the content and then you can delete the title section. Once that happens it will be gone. So, if you have 10 chapters, you have to delete the 10 chapters first and then you can delete the title. At the time, we designed it that way so someone would not accidentally delete their whole work by hitting one button. It was probably a mistake and something we will be fixing on the new site.

I'll continue to post more information about this site and the new site over the next couple of months. Thanks!

Update July 30, 2013

We've updated the text editor and will make some tweaks to its appearance. It should be working fine across all browsers. If not, let us know.

Update - July 29, 2013

We've received reports from some uses of problems formatting this user profile. It appears to be a bug in IE9. We are working on fixing it and should have it resolved in the next day. In the meantime, you can use Firefox and Chrome with no problems. Thanks for letting us know.

Update - July 26, 2013

Users can now upload their images to the site.


Update - July 16, 2013

We finally found a nasty and elusive bug that sometimes prevented comment responses from going through. This should solve a problem we've had intermittantly for the last four months. Let us know if you still have problems with comments.

Update - April 20, 2013

Sorry for the long delay between updates. We've been busy working fixing bugs. Two key things:

If you don't see your content on Booksie, please check BooksieSilk. If your content was rated X or was erotica, it has been moved to BooksieSilk. Go to BooksieSilk.com and login using your Booksie credentials.

If you don't see your content on Booksie or BooksieSilk, contact us at contact (at) booksie.com. We did a bunch of work to simplify the system and speed it up and a select number of pieces of content may have become unpublished. They are not deleted and we have every piece of content. We can quickly make sure any missing content is restored.

We've made a bunch of changes to the comment system. Let us know if there are still problems leaving comments. Most other bugs have been fixed.

Thanks for all of your feedback and patience. We'll continue to improve the site.

Update - April 14, 2013

9:19 am

Links from the private Booksie pages are now fixed.

We will shortly have the read and comment counts fixed and the comment sorting issue resolved.

12:30 am

Despite what it may seem, we're actually getting close to having the site run much more smoothly. Right now, one of the fixes we put in is causing links from the private Booksie and BooksieSilk pages not to work. We'll have that resolved shortly. Most other content should be linking smoothly from other locations.

We'll also have the Read and Comment numbers start appearing again in the Portfolio tab. We are collecting that data so no Reads or Comment numbers are lost. They will display shortly.

We're also working on comments and hope to have those smoothed out over the next day.

Thanks for your patience. Once we are through this, it should be smooth sailing. The site is loading fast and the changes we have made will allow us to roll out a bunch of new features in the future.

Update - April 13, 2013

We're continuing to squash bugs and I think are making progress. The site is running super fast. I did neglect one important item:

To access BooksieSilk, go to www.booksiesilk.com. If your work has been converted there, you can access it just like you would on Booksie by logging in. Your login information is the same as Booksie.

Update - April 12, 2013

* 2:34 pm est US:

Most of the problems around work not appearing should have been resolved. If you are still experiencing problems, let us know. We are continuing to tune and refine the system and more bug fixes will be coming. Thanks everyone for all of the feedback!

9:05 am est US:

Hi everyone. We realize there are some bugs associated with the new release yesterday. We apologize. We spent months testing and refining the system but with no many users and different user cases we weren't able to catch some of the problemssad_smile.gif. For that we are deeply sorry. We are working through the problems. I want to assure everyone that Reads, Likes, and Comments were not lost. We have them all but they may not have all appeared. We've been working over the last day to make sure they are correct. If you have a problem with Comments or Likes, please tell us the name of the work and the chapter number, if it has one, so that we can better troubleshoot. The more specifics the better.

It's possible that Read numbers may be a bit different. The new system is more precise in counting actual Reads (and filtering out bots, and other non-readers). There might be a 10% deviation from what you saw before. If the count is off by more than that, let us know.

Thanks for your patience and assistance.

Update - April 11, 2013

Hi everyone,

We are aware of bugs related to chapters not showing, improper Reads, Likes, and Comment counts. The information has not been lost and we are in the process of reinstalling data. Over the next day or two we will have the information fully loaded. Thank you for your patience.

- Booksie Admin

After many months of work, we are pleased to announce the release of several major Booksie enhancements. The biggest of these is the spin-off of a new site called BooksieSilk. In addition to this, we have upgraded the tracking system to make the site faster, have added anti-spam features, and have added options for users to filter work by Likes and Comments. Beyond that, we have made many smaller enhancements to increase the speed and stability of the site and to fight spam.


BooksieSilk is a spin-off of Booksie, and a platform writers can use to post mature content not appropriate for younger readers. All content marked Adult and Erotica and given an X rating on Booksie has been automatically moved to BooksieSilk. All of the features of Booksie are available on BooksieSilk. Booksie will continue to be a site for general, all audience writing with ratings from G to R.

What Booksie Writers Can Expect

If you are a writer on Booksie who has posted Adult or Erotic content, and are over 18, you will receive an account on BooksieSilk. If you decide you do not want the account, you can opt-out via your profile page and your profile and content will be removed from BooksieSilk. If you are under 18, you will not receive a profile on BooksieSilk and any adult or erotic content you have posted will no longer be visible.

If you are an adult writer on Booksie who has not posted erotic or adult content, and would like your profile on BooksieSilk, you can opt-in via the Profile edit page and profile will be set up on BooksieSilk. You can then login to manage it, just as you would your Booksie page.

New writers over 18 who register on Booksie can opt-in to a BooksieSilk account. Writers who register on BooksieSilk can also decide to open a Booksie account.

BooksieSilk is technically a sub-site of Booksie.com, and as a result, the same login can be used to access both sites. So, an adult user can publish more risque content on BooksieSilk and more family-oriented content on Booksie.com using the same login information. Writers under 18 will not have a BooksieSilk account. If you are a writer under 18 who has posted erotica or adult content, it will no longer appear on Booksie or BooksieSilk.

Note that while most of the two sites have been separated, several sections have not. Comments that you receive on Booksie can be viewed and responded to on BooksieSilk and vice-versa. In addition, all of your Booksie bookmarks will also be accessible from BooksieSilk.

More Ways to Find Content

In addition to creating BooksieSilk we have also added two new ways to filter for content. Users can now search for the most popular work over various time periods, and also by Likes and Comments. We'll be continuing to enhance these features in the future.

Faster Loading Pages

We've made a bunch of changes over the last month to speed up pageloads and make sure that your content is quickly available. The changes will also Booksie more stable. We've significantly reduced downtime over the past year, even as the site has grown, and we are now positioned to grow even more.

More Enhancements Coming

In the coming months we'll be releasing more enhancements based on your feedback and suggestions. Thanks for helping to make Booksie one of the largest writing and publishing sites on the Internet. We look forward to seeing more of your creativity on both sites.creek_400.jpg


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