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Booksie Site Change

By: BooksieGuy

Page 1, Letting the site know about some Booksie changes.

Hi all. You might have noticed that the Top 20 is no longer there. We removed it because it was causing the site to crash. We had to decide whether or not to spend the resources to fix it or just take it off. We decided to take it off because in our mind it's become redundant. The site now has a Popularity index for every type (Novel, Short Story, Poem, etc.) and genre (sci-fi, fantasy, romance) that is in essence a better Top 20. So it made more sense to use the resources to fix some other bugs and roll out some new features. For example, based on your feedback we realize there is a problem with the Random First Line (it only shows Romance) and will be fixing that. We'll also be adding the ability to search for specific authors on the Writers tab. You'll see some of the new features shortly.

Of course, we welcome your feedback on this change. You can also listen to me explain what's going on but go easy :).

ADDITIONAL FEATURED WRITING NOTE: It has come to my attention that the developers may have inadvertantly knocked out your Featured Writing preferences as part of their coding. I'm asking them to restore it but the easiest thing to do is go to Publish and turn on Featured Writing for those works that you want featured on your Booksie page.

There may also be a few bugs over the next couple of days as we make changes to handle all of the new writers on the site and improve performance.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

- BG

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