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Important Information - Booksie Spinning Off New Site for Adults

Article By: BooksieGuy

In approximately two weeks Booksie will be spinning off a new site called BooksieSilk that will house all of the adult and erotic content currently on Booksie. For those with adult or erotic content currently on the site, your content will automatically be moved to the new site. There is nothing you need to do.

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March 22, 2013 Update: Wed have found one or two bugs that need to be resolved and then we are ready to go. A spam attack slowed us down this week. I am attaching a screenshot for those that are wondering if this is really going to happen. It is, and soon.


February 26, 2013 Update: The release of BooksieSilk has taken a bit longer than we anticipated due to some unforseen issues. But we are almost there and can't wait to share the new site with you.

December 26, 2012 Update: We are getting close to releasing the new BooksieSilk site. It's taken longer than we anticipated - sorry. But we expect to have it launched sometime around January 1! Stay tuned...

October 28, 2012 Update: I have updated this notice to clarify the fact that content is technically not being moved. We are changing where it is being displayed. BooksieSilk.com is technically a sub-site of Booksie.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for participating on Booksie and providing us with suggestions on how to improve the site. Shortly, we are going to act on one of the biggest suggestions we have heard over the past few years.

In the future Booksie will be creating a new site called BooksieSilk that will organize and display all of the adult and erotic content currently on Booksie. For those with adult or erotic content currently on Booksie.com, your content will now be visible on the new site. There is nothing you need to do. Note that the work is technically not being moved. We are just changing where it is displayed depending on the rating or the content.

In the meantime, you can continue to post to Booksie as usual.


Our goal in doing this is two-fold:

  1. Allow minors to use Booksie.com without fear of stumbling across unsuitable content.
  2. Provide adults with a place where they can freely express themselves without having to worry about minors accessing and discovering mature content.

BooksieSilk is technically a sub-site of Booksie and it will function exactly like Booksie.com. In fact, the same login can be used to access both sites, so an adult user can publish more risqué content to BooksieSilk and use the same login to post more family oriented content on Booksie.com. No one is being removed from Booksie. Users under 18 will not be allowed to register or post content on BooksieSilk.

We want to stress to our erotica and adult writers and readers that this is not abandoning erotica or relegating it to the sidelines. BooksieSilk is designed to be the premier site for mature content and it will share the same resources and enhancements as Booksie.com.

If you are a member of Booksie, have posted adult and erotic content, and do not want it displayed on the new site, you may delete your content or contact us to close your account.

Thank you again for your feedback and for being part of the Booksie experience. We do listen to your feedback and are committed to making the Booksie family of sites the best place to express yourself in the written word.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have both adult and regular content, what will happen?

Your adult content will be visible on BooksieSilk.com. Your regular content will remain on Booksie.com. You will have a profile page on both sites that contains the relevant content for that site.

What if I don't want my content visible on BooksieSilk?

If your content is adult oriented, it will appear on BooksieSilk, not Booksie. If you do not want it visible on BooksieSilk, you can delete it from the site or ask us to close your profile.

Can I still login to both sites?

Users can login to both sites using their Booksie email address and password. Those under 18 though will not be allowed to login to BooksieSilk.

Will BooksieSilk just have erotic content or other adult content?

While most adult content on Booksie is erotica, BooksieSilk will display any content with an X rating. This could include erotica, horror, poetry, or anything else that is not appropriate for younger adults to read.

Is there anything I need to do?

No. Adult content will automatically be displayed on BooksieSilk. Non-adult content will remain on Booksie.com.


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