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Some Booksie Changes

By: BooksieGuy

Page 1, Some new features coming to Booksie.


New Features - Audio, Expanded Categories, and More

We’re pleased to announce some new changes to Booksie that will make it a better place to share your writing and creative endeavors.
New Content Categories
This piece of content is posted as an Article.We have added new Articles, Books, Book Reviews, Scripts, Essays, and Miscellaneous categories based on your requests.This helps readers to better find the content they are looking for.

Writers can now upload audio versions of their work as MP3s. In the near future we'll be providing you with the ability to download the audio into your mp3 payer, ipod, etc.


We've also been tweaking the site so that the pages load faster. Hopefully you'll notice the improvement.

Homepage Modifications

We've modified the homepage to accomodate the new categories.

We’ll be launching several other great features over the next couple of weeks as well as some fixes to common Booksie problems including image uploading, content deletion, and overall speed.

Please let us know if you have any questions about these features and keep the suggestions coming.

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