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Okay, so some of you have asked how I make my covers. Making my covers are easy as fuck to make and trust me, once you do this once you will be able to do it a second time without this! So, let's get going and I'll explain this the best I can and I'll put in some screencaps for things that are sort of hard to explain.

Okay, step one. The most easiest step you can do. I just google search my pictures that I want for my cover. I probably search the weirdest shit to find my pictures because searching the basic crap I don't find anything - it's like trying to find a virgin and a 16 year old who isn't pregnant. (That sounded bad since I was pregnant at 16 haha)
The way I search my images is like this…
EXAMPLE: girl, boy, kiss, beach, tumblr
ALWAYS put the tumblr, you find the better photos. Then just save your image somewhere where you can find it. I've saved images and lost it on my laptop haha.
Okay, we got that? Right, next step.

Open up Microsoft power point. And insert that image into there by using the "INSERT" tab. So, you can do either of these two steps…
You can crop your image. So, make sure your image is still click on and a tab up the top should be there. Mine is highlighted pink and it says "PICTURE TOOLS" above the word "FORMAT". And in that tab you have all your picture edits eg: boards, effects, etc. On the right side of that tab there will be a "CROP" button. Click that and you will be able to crop your image to whatever size you want and once you got the size you want just click that button again.
OR you can just leave the image the size it is.


Now, step three. So, now we can work on that title and every other thing you want in there. So you can do whatever the fuck you want to this cover. MAKE IT YOUR OWN! Don't go looking at others and thinking I could do that to mine, blah, blah, blah. Put your personality and shit into it. DO NOT OVER DO IT.
Don't put a whole lot of words and shit. Make it simple and interesting. For me, a cover is what draws me in. If the cover is pretty or cool, I'll check out the book. But if it's crap and looks stupid, I won't read the book at all. The cover makes your book.
To put in your title there will be an "INSERT" tab at the top. And then in that tab there will be a "TEXT BOX" button and your curser will turn into what looks like a plus sign. Make a text box and start typing. You using the text box for putting in the title, your username (if you want to put it in there) and a random line (if you want) EG: 'He said he would always love me, he lied." You know that BS.
Remember play around with the colours, fonts, sizes, etc.


Once you are done playing around with your title. You can now save it. But you will be saving it a little differently. Instead of just saving it like you normally do you will be saving it as an JPEG. Look at the pictures!

Alright, you saved it and shit. Make sure you saved it somewhere you can find it. I saved it to my desktop since it's easier to find… Like so…

Yes, that is your CapnPanda and her son! blush


We are on the home run. So, go onto any editing site you want. I use iPiccy.com. It's free and easy to use. Upload your photo that you just saved and crop it because you don't want you cover to be by itself and not surrounded by a white background.

Save that shit to the same folder and BAM! You're done. You finished. You made it! Congratu-fucking-lations.

This is the cover I did in the process.


Alright any questions? Raise your hand.
I hope I explained that all good for you all. If you need help message me!


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