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Creative Prompt Contest 2013! (CLOSED)

Article By: Cera Seren

MY FIRST CONTEST!!!! P.s. the picture for this is a painting by Josephine Wall. Shes an incredible fantasy artist and she gave me.some great ideas for stories so check out her work :)

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Hello all you out there in Booksie land!

So I want to do a contest!!!

Now, without further adu,welcome to my Creative Prompt Contest 2013!

So here's the deal....

In this contest I will put down three prompts I found online. You may only choose one! (I'll go more into depth with this in the rules) You may also name your story whatever you want.

So here are some


Please read these thoroughly and carefully!

Rule one: You may only choose one prompt to do and you must comment below that you are participating and what prompt you are going to do.
Also please leave me a title so I know what it's called when I go to read it. You don't have to leave a link unless you want to but a title would bevery helpful! :)

Rule two: You can write a novel, short story, book, whatever. Just please, no poems, I don't feel like you'd be able to capture the prompt in a poem so just skip it.

Rule three: Genre does not matter to me. Write what you're comfortable with!

Rule four: if you do not follow the prompt you have chosen, you will be disqualified.
Ex: the prompt is "write abouta girl who goes on an adventure"
You write, "The little girl of eleven decided she wanted to go exploring so she took her dog around the back yard."

I will not take that! That is not an adventure :P I do that on a daily basis.

Rule five: If you are writing a novel for this contest, please be sure to let me know when you update each chapter. If you don't then i will have to read the whole novel in one night and that just doesn't sound like fun, especially with all the other stories I'll be reading.

Rule six: All entries must be done by Saturday, March 2nd!!!! That gives you a month and two weeks.

Rule seven: You must have a summary for your story

and finally....

Rule eight: HAVE FUN! Get creative! That's why it's called the creative prompt contest! I want EVERYONE to have fun with this!!!!!

Got it? Good! :D

Now here are your prompts you will have to choose from!

Prompt ONE:
A man and a woman meet on a lake. One of them is pretending to be someone else. Write their story. (Use any character names you want :))

Prompt TWO:
Take two people who dislike each other and stick them in the back of a cab. What happens?

Prompt THREE:
a drunk man sits next to you ina bar, thinking you're his buddy. Then he starts confessing "the truth". What happens?

So there ya go. Your three prompts to choose from. You can do anything with these! You could write humor, fantasy, fiction, horror, romance, anything! Just make sure it follows the rules!


There will be three winners; a first second and third. (They could be from three different prompts or all the same prompt! It's which ever is best written, follows the prompt best, and I like best. But also know you're a winner if you even sign up to do this contest :))

They will receive a symbolic gold metal :)

The first place winner will get a fanning from me (Unless I've already fanned them of course), I will read, like and comment onall of the work on their page, and advertise their name and works on my profile for 12 months (Yes, a whole year!)

They will receive a symbolic silver metal :)

Second place winner will get a fanning from me, I will read and like 5 of their works (of their choosing), and advertise their name and workson my profile for 6 months.

They will receive a symbolic bronze metal :)

Third place winner will get a fanning from me, I will read and like one of their works (of their choosing)and their name and works will be advertised on my profile for3 months.

Thank you to all who participate! I will be putting results up on my profile on either March 3rd or March 4th depending on how long it takes me to read everything.

And ahead of time, CONGRATS WINNERS!


Lets start writing!!!!!!!!!!!


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