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Comments Please! Part 3

By: dibbledabble

Page 1, Last draft of Comments, before handing it back to Lee Edward Neale to include in his larger document for consideration by the Booksie guy to make a good site really great Your final perusal would be appreciated

Final draft of We Love Booksie But……… The Question of guiding readers to the type of comment the author is looking for.


There are other sites that offer in depth critique, you may want to visit them and read a little of how they approach commenting. One well worth visiting is My Writers Circle. This site is aimed at commercial writing, not for the enjoyment of the read (In my opinion) so is a useful editing tool. It will give you an insight into how harsh critics can be. I would not want commenting of MWC’s style the norm on Booksie, but I believe you should be able to ask for it.

Below are the preferences of those who replied to the questions posed in ‘Comments Please Part 2’ in the form of a spread sheet along with the questions and ideas.

For those who replied, please check I understood your response and have presented it correctly.

For new readers please read the two previous ‘Comments Please’ posts and leave your ideas and votes to be added to the spread sheet.

The link for those whom may like to refer back

I will be forwarding this draft (with new additions) to Lee in the near future. You may wish to go check out his research and leave comment on the wider questions of what we want Booksie to do for its members.

Lee’s link is

To recap here is the main question posed and some options given.

Please feel free to make suggestions in the structure of any dropdown list.

ANY DROPDOWN LIST WOULD BE OPTIONAL. We will be asking for a tick box that can be selected to disable or enable the list.

Question 1. Do we require writers’ guidance when commenting?

No, Keep things the way they are

Yes, but keep it simple, requests in summary and above the title of the work

Yes, Drop down list – If this is your option your suggestions for wording would help

So far this is a suggestion of dropdown that could be used.

Comment type

  1. No special preferences
  2. Light critique only
  3. General comment only please, I only write for pleasure
  4. No editor type comments. All other comments welcome
  5. Editorial input AND general feedback
  6. Writing style and editorial type comments requested.
  7. Firm critique please
  8. Don’t hold back; tell it as you see it warts n all!
  9. Please send editorial type comments privately (this would require a private messaging system)

The drop down heading should contain protocol guidance.

Something like, ‘The writer has asked comments to be given as describe below. Please be polite and only give critical comment if ‘editorial’ is selected. Only offer critique if you are willing to offer guidance and as well’

There was a secondary question posed, it appears that it is not popular; I have placed it below to allow for further consideration. Again if it was employed an opt in/out tick box would be available.

Question 2. Would a optional star rating system be helpful?

No, keep thing the way they are

Yes - If this is your option your suggestions for aspects to be graded would help

Suggested dropdown options (suggest your own)






This list if used would be controlled by the writer by a simple tick box

Its heading ‘Grade my work by category’ or something similar.

Ohh, and please confirm if you WANT or DO NOT WANT your name included in the results of this survey in the spread sheet I will pass on to Lee in due course

If the general consensus is for dropdown or any other change from what exists now, I do not believe these changes should be forced on anyone, so any change I proffer will be combined with a facility to opt in on out of the system. We all have different needs that vary from time to time. What I would like to achieve is a system that has a broad scope and is changeable and versatile to suit all needs

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