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Life Saving

By: Disturbations of the deep

Page 1, This is a short article raising awareness for the RNLI, its part of a my school project so... got to do it ;D

The RNLI is an independant charity that relies greatly on charity donations, it is based all over the UK and is well known, but I feel it needs more help, so I am writing this article so some of you Booksie writers can spare some of your time to donate to the charity.I have been on Booksie for a short while, but I know there are some decent people on here. The RNLI is a national charity that trains and employs volunteers to man highly specialized rescue boats. All the volunteers must be ready 24/7 including holidays. The RNLI takes no funding from the government, relying totally on donations from the public. In the south west alone there are 35 lifeboat stations always on call. The RNLI have been saving lives since 1824 and have saved over 139,000 lives at sea. It relies greatly on volunteers, with more than 40,000 helping out. It costs £398,000 to run everyday. This monumental amount comes from fuel costs, employing senior crew members, and maintanence of the fleet.

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