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Article By: donkylemore

climate change and the automatic - solar vagaries of the weather

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Whatever system you chose to accept as being responsible , and there is quite a range to chose from , the most discouraging thing about it all is that we are allready probabally past the point of no return,
Industry , airlines , corporations , and a multitude of others line up to defend their positions ; and some do so mere convincingly than others.
Evryone seems to be fired up by Al gore's movie; why did he not make an issue of this when he was running for VP. He was after all deeply involved in the manufacture of extreme end material for exterme weather condidtions- goretex ; This was his father's company as far as I can determine.It was used in the manufacture of angling gear and was in contention for the title of the most expensive fishing gear on the market with a company called 'musto' My unhappy experience with the latter was that whatever about the most dapper angler on the lake the angler kitted out in musto was never the driest.
So Mr Gore would have had at least a nodding acquaintance with weather and all its vagaries.Did he mention any of this in the movie.
The most convoncing evidence from the less tabloid scientists at present is that temperature gooes through cycles of warm and cold spells and the Co2 trails this warming by about 800 years.- ( the CO2 elevation lags behind the temperature and therefore could not be caused by it but rather be the result of it )the there was suffecient evidence in the Gore camp to suggest this but I gather he omitted to make the point in the movie.Where the Co2 goes when the temperature goes in the reverse direction ; ie cools - it is absorbed by the massive sinks of the earths oceans.
But the gloomiest projections come from the proponents of Ghia who hold that the earth has the capacity to repair itself- they now have concluded that the damage allready caused is a step too far.
I am reminded of that famous quote from Tip O Neill who said ' all poolitics are local as my own political representtatives - all ministers are heading off to the 4 corners of the earth this Patricks day for the annual binge But the grotesque thing this time is that they've been instructed to use the theme of global warming for their addesses - in China , Australia, all over the USA - CAnada -JApan :Russia ; we Irish are a magnanampus race when it comes to St Patricks Day.When Paddy parties ; evryone parties - no party poopers here . No Sir.
It hasnt seemed to occur to our politicians that the collective carbon footprint they will leave is absurdly cynical and hypocrritical and just utterly profligate.
This year is election year ; we are due to go to the polls in May. So the politician's antenna is up ; his ears perked ; tail awag - he sees that green is the new way to go. So from squandering millions on decimating areas of special conservation - preservation of unique snails. pearl mussles .and a wide range of biodiversity , they now have chosen to embrace the tree huggers who they have lampooned for the past 4 years.
As a nation we are now the second worst offenders in terms of carbon emissions in Europe .
We have exceeeded our targets for Kyoto by 25 % as of now, yet the ministers tell us all is under control; we will be 15% below the best of Europe by 2020.- We , who having secured a place at the UN Security Council on foot of a promise of 2 % of our GDP to world aid , renaged on the deal when the place was secured ; we made this excuse on the basis that our economy growing at such an unexpectedly high rate . We were committed to donating 2% of GDP to world aid - but no this was deemed excessive and unafordable because oor national wealth was greater than expectations. |And they sold this half baked excuse to the peolple - to our national shame.
And now they have embraced green politics in the rapacious greed for power.

But to return to Mr Gore before I close I am urged to suggest that he , Mr Gore, may have been selective in the evidence he aduces in support of his noble project .If he withheld evidenct which would have confirmed that Co2 elevation followed and did not precede global warming , he is guilty of a flarant lie , or perhaps more kindly a lack of understanding. To quote a prosecution council at the Watergate trial- he took an emancipated view of the facts- or less prosaicly - why spoil a good story/ theory with the facts . CO2 may not be the only culprit - see blog re ; sunspots - solar wind .It is a respectable position to assume a green ambience right now.In fact it is almost beatific. But who really cares suffeciently to drive less, in a lower powered car ; scrap the SUVs , curtail jet travel , use dimmer light bulbs; tolerate less showers , less air conditioning , less oil fired central heating in Winter.
But I'll finish on an upbeat note - the Polar Bear survived the Holocene Period , when global temperatures were at their height , and he is still with us .
Now I am inclined to reflect that all of what Ive read about the Gore movie is little more than what they call in polite circles as excrement of the male cow - But I shall have to see the movie


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