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Article By: donkylemore

the morality of the invasion of Gaza
Is the Israeli objective moral , and are their means proportionate.
Who gave Israel to the Israelis

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If you want to put it down to the chicken and egg analogy perhaps it might go thus;
the Palestinians will argue that because their land is occupied and their borders are blockaded- denying them food , energy and essential medicines . Their only way out was to launch the rocket attacks.
The Israelis will simply argue that their populations are endangered and have been for months.

Who broke the cease fire ? Hamas , a splinter group of Hamas, the Isrealis, a splinter group of the Israeli army , or a more sinister plot by a 3rd party to facilitate either the Israelis or Hamas / Palestinian cause.( syria - Russia ; The CIA)
I use the terms Palestinian and Hamas co- terminously not out of any desire to confuse but rather to simplify; there could be a didactic argument to differentiate between Hamas and Palestinian ;But I dont wish to engage. There should be a clear differentiation, however between Palestinian and Israeli terrorists . There are some on both sides. There are of course the non belligerent and non aggressive populations on both sides.
The clearest distinction should be made between Palestinian and Israeli civilians who have no appetite but rather a revulsion for war.
But in the Israeli case , at least if they feel they are under siege , they can flee. They have access to medical assistance, and they have food
Contrast this with the Palestinian trapped within Gaza who is denied all 3 of these freedoms and privileges.
This should lead to an indication as to who are the victims of this conflict- those blessed with these freedoms or the dammed denied them.
Is there proportionality there . And when we hear Perez or Omert saying they have no quarrel with the Palestinians per se , you can only assume that the Isreali are consious of their losing traction with the world press. I shall return to this in a moment.

It seems that the Hamas strategy is to bring the fight to the streets of Gazaa. When they do this , they will have succeeded .
The Israeli ressolve to minimise the rocket attacks will not be advanced by a street battle. In these circumstances the Hamas will have won the moral / psychological war.But they will have done so at the cost of many many Palestinian lives .

The world press other than those owned by Murdoch will have afforded the victory to Hamas.
But Murdocisation is a not inconsiderable battle in itself.It is a ubiquittous unrelenting propaganda machine owned by Rupert Murdoch.
Journalists such as John Pillager have been warning about this for years ; he attributed the success of Murdocisation to the dumbing down of journalism, and blames this denoement with the attention deficit disorder of the young , who want immediate staccato answers to feed their ineffable self belief .
It is as easy to delude such an audience as it is easy for Islamic fundamentalist Immams to inculcate in the impoverished Arab mind , on sandy hillsides in the Holy Land .
This is facilitated by coupling the news with soccer results on the one hand and food and sustenance on the other.
So forget the soccer results and the religious schools rolling dusty hilsides .

The biggest fear now is that a new fundamentalism will reemerge in the streets of the world capitals. New and avid kids will be indoctrinated and new targets identified .Power stations , to disable . Financial institutions to bring chaos. Race meetings or soccer stadia to demoralise.
Watch the streets of the European capitals as Sarkosi heads for Israel on Mon.
Either we can do .. or we can not.
We wait with some disapointment a repeat of the soaring orartory , from sea to shining sea - Yes We Can !

So where can you get an unbiased commentary on the war .
I would suggest BBC world service or the International Herald Tribune.
Or you could just turn away and sit back and wait for the soccer results - but you'll have to listen to a message from Rupert first.


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