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A Fur Keepers Trap

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

The jaws of life close today as an unexpecting animal falls prey for the disguise was planned to do what the jaws of sin do to those around you.  The metal is pried without a bait picking a location  for the lame who travel the same path in search of food for survival is foremost on the mind not expecting an instant death. The trapper will watch and determine the plan that will catch you on the path that will so easily beset you without and effort for success is only a matter of time unless you listen to your heart and avoid the risks that has been set before you knowing life does not deserve to end for you. The enemy will watch for years to come quietly inhabiting the plan of his heart to destroy the woman and all that is close to her heart. If he cannot get close to you he may try to make and excuse as to how he can hurt those around you. In the presence of quiet all the forest will hear the slam of metal is deafening in the ears and all is stripped away except the skin as he parades around in a victory dance. For if he is a success he is satisfied that all of life will fall prey all he has to do is what you feel in time and make an attempt to bring you down. When the trap is placed in disguise it is covered and laid to hide the snap of sin that so quickly destroy. For sin is sugar for a day only to be left in a moment when shame enters to point at you as how could you do such a thing for this is all from him. Do not leave any open doors in judgment lying and offense absorbed just forgive and watch bitterness leave for this is the way to expose the hidden trap set for you today. Pray for your family each and every day thanking God for bringing them home safe always listen to the heart of love and do not operate in lust and flesh. Wisdom is found in my instruction given in Proverbs 3 today for wealth comes before the prerequisite faith. True prosperity is for you yet you must believe it is true believe Me and nothing else for this plan will save you.


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