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A Gentle Whisper

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

A calm nation in diversity is when all seems lost and unhopeful yet they stand in truth calmly respecting the laws set out for them. A leader shall be calm not bowing to pressure. Many leaders from ago have stood in the flames of fire believing my word and not backing down knowing I would protect them and not get burned in the trial designed to hurt them.
I shall see clearly those who speak the truth recognizing the heart that says we are one and Jesus is Lord. A emblem of deity comes in a word spoken given from above not looking to sound strong yet honoring the King and letting Him advice all for proper suspension of truth. Which realm are you one of truth or one who thinks he knows the way leading a people to a place so they will prosper and come united in the way that offers sense to the hopeless and offers courage in example for the world to see the advantage of having a heart so free and willing to trust a respected deity. Can we be true to others and lie to ourselves. Can we care for ourselves and not for your neighbors and friends. Should we live scared as a mouse or can we be confident and as bold as a lion. For the weak will be destroyed by default and what is left will remain true for a leader of excellence was a leader designed for you. A battle is waged and all should see victory in the hand of the Godly. For no man has true strength and no chariot will save you if you do not trust in the power given to you. Do not be fooled by brawn and steel for they will bleed and melt in the fire of life if you trust only in what you see with your natural eyes. Your power reigns with great respect and all of life will stop and stare as you offer up a praise to the God who has already been there. For a man walked the earth to give you what you want from life so in the truth do not deny Jesus is Lord and just comply so you will be the best you can and all of us will reign in the land giving praise to God above and never wishing we made another choice.


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