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A Special Placez

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

To waiver and distress is like a compass that has a broken dial and is spinning all the while trying to give a reading and is always deceiving so no one can read the truth or have no direction to go to. I assume you want the best this life has to offer and I presume all other options have little or no flavor and what you are left with is sadness and trials wishing the veil was torn to show a clearer way. The truth be told the world needs to see a plan that is working that makes the other seem so dismal and holds the other as ineffective. I am sure there is someone today who can say I have found a better way. Who will represent truth and live that way to show all others what they must see so those who dont believe will come to you and ask what you do. Your words will change your circumstance and light up your path and in the end all shall say this is a better way. I wish to be your friend in all you do and be the way of truth as my Spirit guides you. Just remember this today you must listen the whole way and do no speak negatively for your guide will step aside. Your quiet composure is sure to bring success for you in everything respect and honor patience and peace is sure to be a real treat.

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