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A spindle of Thread

Article By: goldenpetal

Poems from Love

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A machine twists and turns as a machine spins the once very thin strand becomes a united strand amongst many fibers that lend to each other as they wrap around and make a strand. Fibers on their own depend on a placement of connection to be established in the plan. All who see a fiber that is separate from the rest pick it off and see no need to be interwoven due to its appearance that seems out of place. In our mind we categorize and in our time we are surprised to see how every thread in life needs to be woven together so they fulfill a cause to bring success to all others in life. People see what is true as it completes its beauty for all to view. In the progress of completion some seem misplaced and all members of a society or group don't realize the importance of a missing piece. I seem to say I have a plan and scoffers don't understand as they have been cast aside not knowing yet the plan inside waiting to manifest at the core so all others can see the picture so complete as most just close the door I stand aside next to you encouraging you on what to do for you are the missing strand to complete the picture at hand so all can see the plan of God designed to be far superior to what most thought. How shall we say you are not important or can we say the plan for you is cast off knowing in the knit of time your place is in the rest united as one. If you find a strand not yet used by God do not think it is a waste for in time placement will take place and the quality of time shall make all others see the complete picture in the end. Every being on the earth today has a place for success yet it takes time for placement to come until they are stabilized in all conditions of life. Some move quick with no avail and some are suspended to learn some more yet placement takes place in all the land and the outcome is not seen by man at this time. The choice to trust is up to you and all your dreams shall come true so when you doubt you set aside the end result of a slide as part of a movie the world needs to see so be your best for someone is counting on Me and I will guide you as where to go for the final outcome is victory and the world needs completion from those who can hear to display to them what is important to know so all of life can be hemmed in. Don't distract others from the truth or else the picture won't be complete for my people I created in the land require a visual treat as they trust in their senses instead of the Spirit of Wisdom. Always meet people where they are and speak simply so they understand the plan of God in the heart of man. Continue as you plan knowing I see and in the end truth will be revealed so the world will come together as thread with no barriers. The course of life is simple in obedience yet the trials need to happen for those who don't trust the hand of God today. Always know I want the best for you keeping purity as part of you. Bless be blessed and all will see true prosperity in you and Me.


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