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By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

The nation shall swell the times will tell of a time so special as we dance through mines and meadows so beautiful. To progress in time is to say I am calm and to praise His name brings revelation again. A time ago I went to the cross as Mary and others stood afar off watching Me pay the price for you and your descendants too. The love in her heart was tarnished with pain for her beloved died in pain. She knew the words that her heart once heard and she pressed passed and focused on love for a tumultuous link had been given to some for they focused on blood and pain. The heart of a Mother will grieve for a moment and then love will drive her farther toward the source of her hopes and dreams always giving Praise to her King. An empty heart with no plan is where self is first and a government at hand calling on those who lead the blind doing the same each and everyday expecting a change with no provision on the way. To be calm is a wealth transfer to stress and wear out is like a brick shoulder to pass through life with a smile today is to trust a new way. For excellence is available to you if you try to see through the problems in life and focus on the words given for life. Is your account like your heart full of compassion or do you need a fresh start.


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