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Imagine ZThis

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

I suppose all will see the destiny I released for them as they sit on my knee and view the world as it should be. For if you dream a reality will be an open window for the soul to be free for all are present in harmony. A place to be is what makes harmony and if you dream you will find opportunity as you soar all new levels praising God for life without stumbles. I see victory for you today as you require a helping hand from dignity. I need your love for it blesses me so I give you my son at Calvary. We can exchange our qualities and receive redemption and proclaim victory. I season life with many changes and I present success to all who trust Me. I am indignant on the fact that my family will never lack if they follow my plan today always judging
themselves along the way. I need to see your victory as you trust me for everything. I season trouble with victory when you call on me. A quiet pain is self contained and simple request will bring you the best. I need Jesus to live strong in you. I need success to surround you. For if you are my child I will always love you for I am a Father who loves forever more.A cloud of despair will impair and a tunnel today will lead the way. I see for you ease of days as you let go all your old ways. If you follow me today I will provide for all others you call family. I embrace them because you stand clear and have made a choice a choice to choose life today in a very special way. You trust Me in the Word as my Spirit gives today for I am needed to guide and be your promise in Psalms 91:3. The cloud will lift all doubt erased if you tend to detail and not to doubt. Success is true for those who need victory as you believe. What you need is freedom for all as they trust Me and do not fall.

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