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Sunshine Eyes

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

The depth of perception is a place to reveal all that is inside and visible at each bench mark in the mind. A clear thought reveals a pure heart free of obstruction laced with stress that has been cast out. I recommend that all impure thoughts  to be taken captive and unaccepted for all time and brought to Me and I will extinguish them permanently. For in your mind you must see clear free from obstacles intended for harm and never giving in to sin. I wish for you to be free to roam as you wish not bound by bars containing you as a bird cage with a view. To be bound shall seem safe for some yet free to roam is fun in the sun. My plan for you is not visible yet for you need to trust Me and accept I care the most for you today and will never lead you astray for I sent my best to take your place so you can live in the very best place. Do not base your success on circumstance base your position on Deuteronomy Twenty Eight. My plan is grand you will see and I wish to help all those in need. The pleasures of life depend on the condition of the heart and the heart flows like a river and never ceases to depart from its source of love and life based on this truth today that honesty and suspension in love will propel you a long way. So give to others and do not fret for the Word of God will not make you sweat. Peace and love are related again asking the heart to forgive each other of sin.

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