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The Praise of Love

By: goldenpetal

Page 1, Poems from Love

A sound is stretched across the land the beast of Hell is crushed today for all the people praise His name. The name we hear across the land is Jesus Jesus Jesus what a name for all of life responds as we celebrate the King for His name rings true and is popular in the heart of man. All will see the pleasure of life all will be freed today as we conquer sin and hell by using that name. To bring respect we celebrate by speaking only this name in reverence to our Lord and King who bows in dignity as He poured out blood on earth to capture what was lost and celebrate the love He has for all of man who cannot be tossed. How so we say this name in anger it is out of place for great respect and power are released when we use this name for it destroys all dominion of the land and frees the slaves of opulence and makes a way for us to stand in a place of power and unity as we say I do this in Jesus name or I plead the blood of Jesus over my home. The name is known everywhere and all of Satan and his care is crushed when we say Jesus for he rose again and we have victory in place of sin. Be comforted today and use great respect as you say His name for to curse with this in place is to damn the one who gave you everything. They scourged and spit and His face was love as He thought about the human race for in God we trust today for putting everything back in its place so speak wisely today and do not refrain from doing what is legal and true but only use this name of God as He watches over you.


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