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Twin Towerz

Article By: goldenpetal

Tags: Twin

Poems from Love

Submitted:Mar 19, 2013    Reads: 3    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

A stature of dominance is clear for all to see. The internal core operates perfectly movement and pulse beat like a drum always operating perfectly with no error for those who travel within. A stature of dominance all learn to trust for it is a landmark for the eyes find it comforting because it always stands out as all know its location. The risk of destruction is very clear for all will test its function as it stands so tall as it draws people near. The advantage of being so upright and strong is many will frequent and find trust within. The disadvantage is when terror strikes it is a target that some might decide it is their focus for destruction and war. I wish all people could of heard my voice on the day the terrorist targeted the US in this way. For I spoke to save your life yet strife desensitized the channel of the heart blocking the path that could of saved the lives. Despite tragedy love grew strong connecting all hearts that frequent the land and all men know what strength truly is because survival will prepare the way for pain to be avoided as the mind heals from the enemies destructive destiny. Good will come to those who love no matter what the intended outcome was. True heroes saw and helped nonstop helping those who were trapped. Remember when you stand tall that the core is foundationally strong and when others use force to destroy it will be known for all to see. The enemy works in the same way he watches and waits to discover a plan that will hurt most in the land and with force he thrusts pain waiting for people who are tired and frail for the inner core won't withstand repeated pressure yet he wants to damage you so it is visible on the outside too. Remain strong and apply the truth as it molds and reinforces you and as you grow in elevation and structure know many are counting on you and will frequent your atmosphere for where the glory is many will come to be close to the one who can hear from God today and give advice all along the way. Do not be afraid of the winds and storms for in life these will come yet because you are of such great stature you will not falter because of your strength in Father. Others will look and see no effect of the storms that come your way yet due to stability in your heart all will learn from your wisdom in your heart for the test proved effective as it produced a new and improved version of you as long as yo do not complain in the process. If you voice to people of your struggles it will put unnecessary pressure making your choices and steps so fragile that it may bring you down in a topple. If this happens all those close to you may get hurt as the pieces fall all around you. Speak of a trial after it is over and those around will learn from your trouble and their compassion will bring respect and they will stick closer that a brother. Find your stepping stones of wisdom in Proverbs and praise like David in Psalms for love in the quiet time spent with me will sustain and protect you from harm. Let love cover you and the pain of life won't penetrate through you. The shelter is fresh and all shall see this is the only place to be. Your input must exceed your output or your river will dry up and you will know what a dry river bed is like don't let this mistake overtake you for obviously cracks in your frame make an easy target for Satan in his game. I send my love cherish the truth and don't doubt my power within you.


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