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"Resolution" Contest

Article By: GuruGuy

This contest welcomes all participants who'd like to join. Give all your creativity. Cheers!!!

Submitted:Jul 31, 2011    Reads: 269    Comments: 57    Likes: 3   

Welcome to GG's "Resolution" Contest!!!

About contest?

Sometimes when we think about a beginning of something, we also must think about the end. The end of a story may be good or bad. Other times there are stories/situations where we know the causes, such as an earthquake or alien avasion, which could lead to catastrophic events. But what is there to be done in order to overcome such happening? This contest is finding a resolution; solving a problem by any means. Sounds interesting? Read on...

What would you do...if you were given the ability to change something about this world?

Would you fix famine, which is poverty, scarce of food, malnutrition, children in need?

Would you bye a bowl of spaghetti with meatballs and give it to a starving child?

Or...would you stop war, where casualties are endless and the purpose of such mission doesn't justify the end?

Or...would you beat pestillence, which is the widespread of diseases, epidemics, HIV?

Sounds interesting? Read on...

You, the contestant, must write a short story based on one of the three themes mentioned below. You will choose which theme you want your story to be based on. It must have a beginning and, of course, a resolution. You MUST have a way to end the story by providing a solution to the problem. The beginning may have already happened or is about to happen. Here are the guidelines/rules:


  • Famine
  • War
  • Pestillence
  1. Short story must be at least 800 words, but no more than 1,200 words
  2. Use one of the themes above. It can be anything, fiction, non-fiction, etc. No poems!!
  3. Contest starts Aug 3 to Aug 22 (you may start anytime before that); 3 winners will be annouced on Aug 25, but subject to change if necessary.
  4. Write a sentence or two as to why you chose the theme
  5. Your score is a scale of 1-10. 10 is perfect score. After Aug 22, 5 of the highest ones will be reconsidered for a final decision. Three winners will be crowned.Here are the criteria, each worth several points, giving a total of 10:
  • ​grammar (3)
  • plot (2)
  • creativity (2)
  • Consistent with theme (3)

​*You won't find out the points you get until after the end of the contest. You will also recieve a comment from me at the end*

I will be the main judge of this contest, along with few other judges. They are...

GuruGuy (me)



Of course! Prizes!!!

1st winner- will be fanned by all judges, 7 works will be read, liked and commented, and will be advertised for 1 month, by all judges!!!

2nd winner- will be fanned by 2 judges, 5 works will be read, liked and commented, and will be advertised for 20 days, by all judges!!!

3rd winner- will be fanned by 1 judges, 3 works will be read, liked and commented, and will be advertised for 10 days, by all judges!!!

Winners whom i've already fanned and read your work, but haven't yet advertise you, I will do so for 25 days.

All the participants who are not winners...I will personally read and comment only one work you ask me to read.

Well...that's about it! I hope you'll find this fun. The judges are pretty awesome, whom I assume you know already.

altIf you have any question, that's because you forgot to eat your lasagna. Please don't hesitate to ask me.

I, GG, wish you luck. Good writing! Cheers!!!


Zeviyane [war]submitted

Shika [war]submitted

Trupti Soman [war]submitted


Danae Devan [famine]submitted

Mahejabeen Hossain [famine]submitted

Iris ninerielsubmitted

RGT [war]submitted

Zin Dar [famine]submitted

aailhabs [pestillence]submitted

Commander218 [war]submitted

Kobey [war]submitted





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