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Reflex instant whey the new formula to gain weight and build muscles

Article By: heena

Whey protein is the key ingredient for good health. For all those hard gainers, the best way to get the prefect amount of quality protein is the form of body building supplements. However, not all these supplements are created equally. Thus it is vital to check the nutritional content before buying.

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Individuals need to take a look at some of the best qualities and types of whey protein supplements that can help to make a wise decision before they spend their hard earned money. In the past, weight gain supplements used to be cheap whey powders loaded with fat and sugar that would increase calorie content. The suggested serving size may be something like 125 ounce and each serving would contain around 2500 to 3000 calories. Indeed, it was not a practical serving as it contained a large amount of sugar, and was against the idea of healthy diet. Moreover, the quality of protein inside these weight gainers was usually not up to the mark. Even though, bodybuilding supplements like this still exists in the market, luckily, the health supplement industry has traversed a long way.

When speaking of reflex instant whey protein, the quality of protein depends on a factor termed as biological value which means how well the protein is absorbed by the body. The rating is evaluated by taking the total amount of nitrogen that is retained inside the body after whey protein intake and dividing it by the total amount of nitrogen absorbed by the body after consuming the protein. Basically, it refers to how quick and how well the body actually gets and utilizes the protein. It has been scientifically proved that whey powder supplements offers highest quality of protein and is easily absorbed inside the body. Sometimes, it can be good to consume proteins with lower BV rates if individuals want to get the protein absorbed by the body slowly, like before going to bed. However, if individuals want to get more of the protein they are consuming, they need to look for weight gainers with higher BV rating.

Another crucial thing is to check the amount of amount of sugar contained in the reflex instant whey. If the weight gainers contain excess amount of sugar it would result give insulin boost, as well as amplified levels of serotonin. Most people might have a feeling of irritability, drowsiness, and headaches, after they consume such protein supplements. However, it is true that it will not affect everyone, as there are some who are more sensitive than others. In addition, the insulin spike would get the body to storing excess and unwanted fat. Individuals should take a look at the nutritional label before they buy a weight gainer. They should check the sugar content, along with the carbohydrate level. If it somewhere around 30 to 60 grams it can be considered pretty well. This would bring up the question as to what would be the ideal protein, carbohydrate, fat ratio. Well, the body needs protein, and it also requires carbohydrates to help in protein absorption. Unsaturated fats are definitely friends in weight gaining programs, though not saturated ones as they badly build up the calorie content. As a general thumb rule, a good body building supplement should contain double as many carbohydrates as protein, and double as much protein as fat.

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