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It matters.

By: Ina mcfarmers

Page 1, How people\'s comments can effect some people , those who can stay strong and stand their ground are fine, but what about the ones that can\'t you may have just shattered their dream and where they go from there the commentator will never now, as they\'ll be to busy moving on to the next armature that\'s just come on site, so who ever you are, where ever you are stay where you are it\'s your given right, there\'s always the delate button here right ! And I\'m sure that\'s why ! Booksie were so considerate to put it on and make it so easy to, so don\'t loose it use it and continue to do what you ! Do best, not by others who tell you diffrent, ok! So you\'ll have no fans! So ! One day will come when you will get that fan and even if its just one, as the saying goes-------- one true friend is better than a million.

No matter how far up the ladder you reacha fan is a fan and it's because of those fans , You've achieved to reach the top of the ladder

so one should always remain privileged To their fans

when you first start that pen to paper to become the writer or poet You want to become

 your fans will be your biggest confidence booster from start and to finish

there the ones who give you the inspiration to continue to do what you do best

So never fall down that ladder All for the sakes of showing no gratitude

It's very easy to come down a ladder

While going up is a little bit harder.


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