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Interview #1--Featherlight09

Article By: Interviewing the Authors

Talking to Featherlight09 about her life and her novel 'Under the Ice'. I encourage everybody to read it :)

Submitted:Dec 26, 2012    Reads: 75    Comments: 9    Likes: 6   

Me: So tell me about yourself. Give me like a mini bio, haha.

Lightfeatjher09- Ok so my name is Sara Kehrer, I am 18 years old I am originally from Germany but when I was three months old I moved to Sri Lanka with my parents ;) ever since then I have moved every four years so I have also lived in Scotland, Berlin, Ethiopia and Hungary where I graduated from high school and decided to become an au pair in the US. So right now I live in Seattle with a hostfamily and I take care of their kids for a year :D

Ok so interests :D writing :D of course ^^ I love reading, very much into dystopian novels :D futuristic novels ;) I like to draw fashion although it´s become one of those things I do when I´m stressed because it calms me down somehow :DD Other than that I´m just like any other 18 year old :D love hanging out with my friends, going out and having fun ;) Facts... hm... :D I have never been published, never tried but would be awesome someday :DD After my year in the US I would like to study Literature, Culture and Media it´s a joint studies for a Bachelor in Arts because I would really love to go into Public Relations ;) with it I can also go into Publishing, Journalism, Film or even Advertisement if I want to which is great because I love trying new things so I´ll see where it leads me :D I have two siblings a brother and a sister, both younger and I love them dearly ^^

Me: You're on the featured writing list. That's awesome. Can you tell me what you felt like when you first saw your novel "Under the Ice" on Booksie's homepage?

Lightfeather09- I was very surprised to see I was featured on the homepage :D I couldn't believe it I had to triple check. I have always wanted to be featured and I didn't know exactly what exactly a piece needed to have and other writers always seemed to have more comments, reads and I had this weird picture in my head that I'd have to have like 400fans and 300 comments XD I never thought about the reads I honestly thought those were not important XD I am soo glad they are though :D Booksie even tells you what you need to have to be featured but I just never checked and I think that was good because it was such an awesome surprise :D it had been a very day for me and I got an email that someone had commented on my work so I thought ok maybe I'll read it before I go to bed and then I saw I was featured and after making sure I wasn't dreaming I just started screaming and jumping up and down. None of my friends are on Booksie so when I explained it to them I don't think they really understood my excitement :D but I was sooo thrilled it totally made my day, no scratch that, my entire week, month, year :DD

Me: So when did you first start writing for fun?

Lightfeather09- Oh boy ehm :DD I think 14 but I'm not so sure :D I might've written some stuff before but not alot and it wasn't very good :D but I remember trying to write a novel when I was 14 and then getting very very bored and frustrated after 50 pages so that after 50 more forced pages every character ended up dying it was a very big mess and I thought oh dear I'm never ever going to write anything again XD Ironically that failed attempt had been the first time I had gotten so excited about an idea I just had to write it down :D and about 4 months ago I came back to that original idea and wrote Under the Ice :DD so weird how it all turned out and how different the two stories are if you compare them :DD it just proves how many things you can do with one basic idea :D it's what I love about writing :DD there are sooo many possibilities :DD

Me: Would you mind giving me a little summary of 'Under the Ice'?

Lightfeather09- No of course not :D Under the Ice is a futuristic novel set in a world after the "Great Depression" were the majority of people are so poor they sell their children to slave colonies. The main character is a girl named Ava who was sold to a slave colony under the ice after her parents lost their entire fortune. Down there hope is slowly drained from her as more and more things happen and she finds out about the true purpose of their sad existence but the will to save her best friend Isobel and her love towards mysterious and rebellious Hayden give her the strength to fight.

Me: So you mentioned earlier that you've lived in all sorts of different countries. How many languages have you had to learn to be able to understand the local people?

Lightfeather09- Well I speak German and English fluently, I speak a little French and a tiny bit of Hungarian. Most of the countries people speak English and most of my friends went to the same school I went to which was either English or German so it all worked out :D

Me: What's your favorite ice cream flavor? XD

Lightfeather09- Mango :D

Me: You published the final chapter of 'Under the Ice' in early November. What projects are you working on now that that's complete?

Lightfeather09- Currently I am working on a young adult novel called Scars of a Butterfly. It has nothing to do with Under the Ice except that is set in the same world. Under the Ice plays in Greenland though while Scars of a Butterfly plays in North America :) I am in the middle of writing it and I enjoy exploring that future world more and more through it ;)

Me: what's your inspiration for these futuristic, dystopian stories?

Lightfeather09- Not really sure :DD usually boredom XD hahaha and other great stories :DD actually its more the thought of people I know shoved into worlds like that. It intrigues me because what are we without the structures we grow up in? How would we be different if we grew up in worlds that were destroyed. Not just physically but also emotionally. I just find it incredibly interesting and I get lost in thought a lot go back think about it from a different perspective and then after a while a story comes together :DD

Me- Are there any people (whether they be important people in your life or people you met here on Booksie) that you want to thank and/or recognize?

Lightfeather09- This is the note of thanks I wrote at the end of Under the Ice ;) I want to thank everybody who supported me! Special thanks go to DarkLovers and Passion123, seriously you guys are the best and honestly the reason I got this far! Thank you sooo much for all your amazing comments and your incredible support! You are THE best!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!! Hope I will never ever let you down! You have given me so much! My thanks also go to my beautiful sister Lea, who is my best friend and my worst enemy at the same time, I love you so so so much! You are my everything! To my friends Nadine and Gabby for all your support outside of booksie, your uplifting words, you´re the best friends anyone can have! Thanks to booksie for giving me an awesome platform and so many possibilities, thank you soo much! And last but not least my thanks go to everyone who gave and gives this novel a try or even finishes it, I admire your endurance and so glad so stuck with it! Really appreciate it! And I have to ad a thanks to you Marie for this amazing opportunity :DD I am sure you will become a great Journalist you are already very talented :D I wish you all the best. Yours, Sara

Me: Anything else you have to say to your fans?

Lightfeather09- To my fans ;) : I am sooo glad and unbelievably lucky to have you! :D I hope I never let you down and you enjoy my future work :D thank you so much for being incredibly awesome :DD

Thank you Sara for being my first interviewed author :) More to come soon, people. I promise ;)

By the way, the picture below has an embedded link to this interview so Sara, if you want to put it on your profile so your fans can go directly to this interview, feel free :)


Bye guys!



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