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Zevi's Treasure Hunt

Article By: iris nineriel

♥ get to work, my sweet bee.... here's a clue to the thread ♥

Submitted:Dec 11, 2011    Reads: 14    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Once upon a sunny time, in a land across the seven oceans, there lived an adorable,hard-working and sweet Bee. She always worked all day long at producing honey and lead a comfortable,guarded life. God decided it's time for appreciation and devised a master-plan. One fine sunny day, the Bee left for work on a rose flower-bed. A White Rose put God's plan into motion by chiding the Bee for having such a dull and dreary life. The bee felt hurtful and asked the rose for an alternative. Then the all-knowing Rose directed her on the path by posing a ridiculously ridiculous riddle to the Bee. The Bee smiled and walked down the correct path. At the end of the long-winding forest road,she chanced upon a pair of magical wooden gates. At the gate sat an angelic creature with her brow perfectly arched welcoming the Bee with as much affection as a rock.

"Who goes there?" The fiery half-woman, half-bird barked at the hapless Bee. "I'm Iris, messenger of Hera. You shall not enter unless you know the password. The secret username," she grinned proudly.
The Bee didn't know the username and pleaded the angel to let her through. Iris flapped her huge wings and examined the sweet Bee's face. "Alright, I promise you the password if you have a conversation with me. I haven't talked with someone for a hundred years."
The bee quailed under the stern angel's eyes and wanted to turn away from the greatest and only adventure of her life. Something in the half-woman's gaze stopped her from going back. And moreover,going back is an unappealing prospect.
"okay," the bee shrugged, "so,are you greek?" "Si." Hey,that's French!" accused the bee. "Huh…," thundered Iris, "that is Grench." "???" "You know, Lentil soup is by far my favorite," clapped Iris childishly. "I like honey." "But, you know what? I was too young to drink," Iris nodded sadly. "What age were you?" The bee moved closer. "Now,be off with you! You addled my brains foolishly."
The bee slumped down crying for no one spoke to her this rudely and the journey made her tired. Iris got puzzled and poked the Bee. "What's wrong?" "You promised me the username," Bee wiped away her tears. "I just told you," Iris eyed her incredulously. "No, you didn't!" Iris smacked her beautiful forehead and sighed.
"Recollect my answers to your questions and solve this riddle- First comes first and last comes last A nagging doubt stops you at the middle Fourth from the last comes the first of the third and The fourth from the first dances in front of you drunk on mead"
The bee thought for less than a second and smiled broadly…….


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