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Katniss' First Contest! Also READING REQUEST guidelines... Basically

Article By: Katniss

My first contests rules and guidelines!!! Really, not much rules, just an idea on how I will be judgey!!! And trust me, this will help with maybe future contests!

Submitted:Jan 14, 2013    Reads: 32    Comments: 10    Likes: 2   


Well, hi there! Hope you're here to stay and enter!! So, what I'll be going over are the genres I accept!!! And some have special advantages or disadvantages, so yeah, very picky contest!!

Recommended Genres

Okay, I recomend...

Fantasy: I think fantasy just seems more enjoyable, so you write fantasy, you may have an immediate advantage!

Sci-fi: Same as fantasy, kind of. I like the futuristic stuff, but if I, or others, agree that it's been done too much before, not good in your scoring!!!

Young Adult: Yeah, when I think young adult, I immediately think vampire and warewolves, and stuff like that. I just think it would be best if you try to create something like that, but not the cliche versions, unique!!!

Action and Adventure: You can't go wrong with this. If you do, I will just... (I would roll my eyes if I were actually talkng to you at this point)

Not So Recommended, but You can Still try!

Romance: I get jealous really easily, and if your main character is a Mary Sue, I will not like it. I like the people to find love while being a total outsider, like I, so I can actually relate.

Horror: Can't be too scary, but also not too... mild. I would actually recomend it, if I weren't so picky in this genre... *sighs heavily* try not to make it too cliche as well...

Just No, Don't even Bother!

Anything true or biographies or anything of that effect... Basically, this is a fiction contest, as I feel more creativeness will be at play!


If you really want me to read this work you will submit, here are some pointers!

  • No reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally long chapters! Same with shorts and poems! If it's really long and like small letters, eyes will tire!
  • No cliche! The most basic rule EVER!
  • If it's a fan fiction, don't make it too kinky... Like my first fan fic, it's actually partially true, as Christofer Drew actually did do some drugs in his life. Try to make it seemingly true!!!
  • Don't go adjective crazy! I hate it when people go overkill with describing.
  • Try to stay original, and actually enjoy what you are writing! If you are into writing erotica, and you're trying to dial it down into romance, but you find it's too hard, don't stress yourself out trying to fit into guidelines! If you enter, and you end up not liking what you've written, by all means, drop out! I don't want your hair to grey over a contest!
  • The submition MUST be new, as in the day I have posted this. Depending on how many entries I get, The entry period should be over around February 1st!
  • Zero tollerence for things with absolute horrible grammer/spelling! Okay, this may seem... uptight, but I mean to the extent of where I can't understand anything at all!

Anything Else?

Nope! I'm trying to make this as loose as possible, so anyone can enter! The grading scale (I feel like a teacher) Will be in fourths!

25%: Comments! How people comment!

25% Reads! I will be a little loose with this though, as I learned the first read is usually myself on my own writing... Hehe

25% Likes! Of course, some people have little time to comment, so they express their feelings through that button!

25% If I like it!

So, I'll be adding up the reads and comments and likes and that will be the true score, but it can go down if I myself don't like it!

Deadline is February first! All work must have been submitted today or anytime between now or the deadline!!!

ps. you will be responsible for advertising your own work!!! Good summary is worth 10-20 extra points! Good luck!!!


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