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Avoiding Writer's Block (Writing Tips)

Article By: Kitkattish

Want to avoid our constant ad really annoying friend, Writer's Block? Here's a dew tips! :D

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Since you've checked this page out, I'm guessing that you want some tips on writing? Like....how to avoidgetting a writer's block?

Yeah, everyone hates those. You see an empty piece of paper or a blank WordPad in front of you and you're just like 'Okay, what do I do....NOW?'

Well, it's actually very simple. Really.

Okay, there are only about 6 steps in avoiding writer's block:

1) Plot

2) Characters Persona

3) Chapter Summaries

4) Unofficial Summaries

5) Official Summaries

6) Official Chapters

1) Okay, so we'll start off with the basic and the most important one: The Plot

You're going to take out a notebook (not a WordPad) because its much easier to cross out, underline and edit. Plus you can carry it around without problems. And you wouldn't need a charger either.

Open that notebook and take out a pen or pencil. Think. The Genres. What's your plot going to be about this time? Romance? Comedy? Rom-Com? Adventure and Thriller with a slice of Romance? Horror with hints of Humour and Comedy? Once you pick out your genres, think about your plot. Is the story revolving around one or two characters? Will there be mixed P.O.Vs?

Okay, now you've picked out about...one character. it's about a boy. Something happens to the boy. What happens..? You stop thinking. Let your hand to the work for you. Keep writing until your hand feels exhausted. Then take a break and look at what you wrote. Finish off the plot. Now you have the plot. The plot is the key to avoiding Writer's Block. If you've already planned out the story, you can't possibly get a Writer's Block!

2) Characters Persona.

Now, time to pick out your characters. First of all, write about the main character. Write about their personality, their style. Write about a completely unique person. Finished? Good. Now pick out the second most important character. Maybe the main character's lover? Little sister? Best friend? Anything you want. Now complete that character and then quickly put in the rest of the characters. Name them and state when they appear in the book. It's the easiest way to keep track of your characters.

3) Chapter Summaries.

Here is where you will be writing which scenes happen and when. Maybe this scene is where they meet each other? Maybe the character gets lost and tumbles upon another planned character in your story? The ideas are endless! Just let your hand do the work. THERE ARE NO DIALOGUES. You don't have to complete all the chapter summaries in one go. Maybe a few untilnext time. And try not to lose that notebook. I lost my notebook once and wasn't able to update for days. So I kept writing new ideas in this another notebook and they never seemed to connect. SO yeah. An advise: DO NOT LOSE YOUR NOTEBOOK.

4)Unofficial Summaries:

Practice on a summary for your story. Try out different styles. Write out a summary that will capture the reader's interest. I've done about eight different summaries. In the end, I took bits of each and made them into a whole new summary. It turned out pretty great :P

5) Official Summaries:

Finished working on those unofficial summaries? Sure? Like...dead sure? Good. Now, word it carefully. Make sure there isn't a single spelling mistake. Now, you can post it! :D

6) Official Chapters:

Remember those three unofficial chapters you've finished working on? Yeah, how about you make the first chapter complete with dialogue? And post one or two of the chapters online. Don't try to post all of it at once. The reader won't get time to finish all of it. Plus, it's especially interesting if you leave a killer cliffhanger xD

I hope this helped for avoiding Writer's Block. I've never really experienced Writer's Bock myself...so I don't know the feeling. But I've seen people go through it. It's much easier if you have your novel or story planned out! :D


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