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My Inspirations (Writing Tips)

Article By: Kitkattish

This is what I'm going through and the things and people that inspired me. ALL OF THESE ARE TRUE.

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Hey, everyone! Well, for those of you ACTUALLY reading this, lol.

I just wanted to go through some stages and things that all of us writers go through. Have you ever felt that you were satisfied and then suddenly all your readers are gone? Then you feel miserable?

If you had, so have I.

Well, trust me on one thing.

If you work really hard, you will gain more readers and maybe they'll be even more loyal than the previous ones.

Not saying anything against the previous readers, because I remember each one of my previous readers and I would do anything to have them back.

This is sort of what's been on my mind, and I was thinking about letting this out for all those who…well…who were feeling down about their writing. Because, honestly! You shouldn't.


You know, for a while back when I was busy with my exams, I didn't have time to update as much as before. And it seemed as though my readers were slowly losing their faith in me. I tried to update my first completed novel 'Forgotten About You' in a hurry to peak their interests, and to be honest….it didn't work out at all the way I planned.

The latest chapter son F.A.Y were horribly written and I didn't have any emotions while I wrote it (except for the wedding). My readers commented on that and when I started the sequel, I lost a bunch of my readers because I wasn't as active as before.

But you know what? I realized later that I had this one amazing reader who stayed constant on my woks. She's never failed to EVER comment and I seriously love her for that.

That just goes to show that there will be at least ONE person who will encourage you to write.

Even though, I was so horrible and never really commented on EVERY chapter of hers because I was so busy, she was an amazing person. She IS an amazing person.

I actually started reading her first book 'There's Nothing Like Us' and to be really honest, her writing needed MAJOR improvements. But I loved her story line….it was catchy!

And then, as she progressed on and quickly became popular, her writing as improved so much! I'm hooked to one novel that brought me to really love her works 'Pregnant with My Boyfriend's Brother'.

And then I got dedicated a novel of my own, 'A Kidnapper's Love', and I was over the moon.

And her newest novel 'One Girl Four Guys' is really interesting, but she has it on hiatus. Unfortunately :T

Her other novel, (I think the third? Or fourth?) 'My Best Friend's Dad' is not what you expected. I don't read novels like that, but because it was her…I decided to try. And it had me wanting more! The novel finished quickly but had a suitable ending :D

Now, she's more popular than me and sometimes I feel like I SHOULD be jealous. But then I'm like, but why should I be? I hadn't worked hard to gain my readers. She had.

She deserves it.

But what really amazes me about this writer, is that even though she's so much more popular than me and she can stop reading my works, she's still there to comment and inspire me! She can seriously dump my writings and read better ones, but hell no! She's still with me! And I'm more than grateful to have an awesome internet buddy like her.

And the funny thing is, I design Book Covers and no matter how many times I say it…it rarely gets replied to. But this writer, she's amazing.

She's come to me for two of her book covers and at first, I was so busy so I didn't work nearly as hard on her covers. I've worked harder now, making little adjustments here and there, lol.

I've given them to her, even making Wattpad sizes ones :P

Since I'm free, I guess I do have more time to update. Well, at the moment I'm trying to recollect myself.

My first book F.A.Y is going under major editing, adding in some more scenes but keeping the originality of it all.

I didn't want it cliché, my someone told me that everything about it was so cliché. I was honestly and horribly disappointed that day.

I couldn't even read my novel after that.

Yet again, I was reading a comment the awesome writer I mentioned above had posted….and again, I realized that my writings weren't that cliché.

Usually, the girl ends up with the guy at the end, right? But she hadn't. So it's not cliché.

So, I went through my novel after replying to the comment.

I went through my novel, re-reading it, and I couldn't help my smile and laugh at the things I made my characters do or think. If people didn't enjoy it…well, I can't help that.

I loved writing it and these characters are too important to me to just…let go. Every single one of my characters are so different and so unique.

Why should I give them up just because some people didn't like them?

Sure, in F.A.Y, the main character was a horribly silly and dense girl. But what I have read from my commenters, many of them loved her anyway. They loved her crazy thoughts, her silly comebacks and childish actions. They loved her and I love her. Why give her up?

And why should I modify her to be those smart, quick at spotting things characters?

Katrina has her flaws. She is not perfect. She's silly and can be extremely stupid, but she has a sweet and loving personality. I love her to bits.

I try to give her the best of everything….but if I do….then where's the fun in that? Where's the fun if your characters are so perfect that they don't have flaws?

Have you ever read a book where a character was so perfect? I don't think I have.

Twilight? Bella was clumsy. There was her flaw.

Midnight Sun? Edward was a creepy stalker. There was his flaw.

The Host? Wanda was too soft and trusting. There was her flaw.

Harry Potter? Harry always tried to be the hero. But he wasn't as clever as Hermione. Was that a flaw?

The Hunger Games? Katniss wasn't perfect. She had to try a lot. Was that also considered a flaw? To not be perfect? I don't think so.

So guys, don't give up on your characters. I'm serious. Do not. They are special as you make them.

Besides, no one knows your characters more than you do.

And about the Critics….don't get upset by what they say. I had two amazing…no three….amazing critics.

I respect them. They mentioned how they think that my main character is far too close to her male best friends to be considered appropriate. I agree with them.


There should be a reason why you disagree with them too. Katrina has an inappropriate relationship with her two male best friends. True. But, she thinks of them as no more than who they were as kids. That's what's in her mind.

Remember that when she gets in a relationship, her boyfriend has every right to stop her from doing inappropriate things with her best friends…like 'sleeping together on the same bed'. It's not up to the critics to force me to stop what my character's doing. It's up to me to make another character try and tell her.

Remember that Critics are there to help you and point out errors in your novel.

I had three critics, Mirianda, MissRoose and grazylisa. They pointed out their opinions and I had absolutely no anger towards them. Everyone has their own opinion.

What makes me mad is when other writers complain that their critics were too 'hard' on them, when all they did was point out a grammatical mistake or spelling mistake. There is absolutely no reason or you to blow up and quit writing.

It just means you need to improve. Work on your writing. Because maybe and just maybe, your Critics are right.

I admired my critics, even though they've stopped reading my novel…LOL. I don't blame them in the least. Not at all.

Because, I suppose my novel wasn't the correct standard, it didn't turn out the way they wanted it to or something related to those. But I don't mind.

Because how they wanted the ending will mean that my story would have been highly predictable. And then it becomes cliché.

So please, you amazing writers, do NOT ever feel down because a critic came along and pointed out your error.

I believe that most critics try to be as gentle as possible when giving out their opinions. I'm sure they didn't mean to hurt your feelings. They just wanted to point out an error. Understanding that isn't and shouldn't be so hard. Okay?


There is another amazingly wonderful person on here, Booksie. She was the first ever commenter and she totally saved my novel from going down the drain.

I love her, both as a friend and a writer, because she doesn't try and hide who she is. She is simply awesome with her comments. They are short, but they make my day.

I smile whenever I read her crazy comments and I usually wait until she comments before I update again.

It's stalkerish, lol I know, but that's how much I adore her! She'll always leave something and she isn't a silent reader.

Although she is an amazing and unbelievably good writer, she hardly ever completes her works! And yes, I'm complaining :P I think she's going to try and complete them, though….

The first book I ever read of hers, 'A Cutter's Revenge', was thrilling. It was just the first few chapters before she gave up on it, lol. But her many other works and short stories were so touching and thrilling, it will definitely keep you on the edge of your seats!

This writer gave me an advice once, when I mentioned I was upset at my lost readers. She told me that it will happen to every writer. She had many hits the first time 'Bloody Desires' came out. Then she told me that she had lost readers as well, and it was nothing to be upset about. She had inspired me from Day One, so I believe in everything she tells me.

She's pretty bluntly honest, hahahaha! She also points out a few of my mistakes. You won't see me crying in the corner.

She'd probably sneak up behind me and tie me to the desk! Hahahaha!


So don't give up, really. You can be a good writer, just…well….just keep writing. There will ALWAYS be that one person who will encourage you on. That one AMAZING person.

And for me? I have FIVE amazing people.

Two here online, and three in real life.

Kit (ShadowxxMistress), Passionita (Passion123), Ayooshtee (Ayooshtee), Nazz (Ninaxox) and May (Mimia).


I Honestly Love You Guys and I couldn't have done it without you all :) <3


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