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My NOVEL Ideas

Article By: Km2

This is a list of the novels that I plan to write and their synopses. The first on the list, many of you may recognize, is the one that I am currently working on.

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Big Things Come in Small Packages: Current Novel (First Section Completed)

A recently unemployed father and husband has a strange creature suddenly enter his life. While, at the identical time, bewildering happenings and murders begin plaguing his life and the once quaint, accompanying, little town, of Winchester Gap; now desolated and diseased, left to rot into the ground.

Rise of the Dragons: Current Novel

It is the story of a city, where large green flying monsters are slowly destroying and taking over it. Seeming to multiply in number and only attacking at night, catching most of their victims while at their most vulnerable. While they sleep. Our story begins with a scientist that is trying, desperately, to prove to the world that dragons did exist. Apparently, he's right...

Can You Hear me Now?

We notice a spaceship approaching earth, but instead of making contact and divulging its intentions, it ominously orbits alongside our moon; many times its size. Suddenly and unexpectedly it engulfs the planet in a magnetic field that turns every motor vehicle and electronic device into semi-intelligent minions; hell bent on distruction and death.

When Alcohol is Involved

A collection of short stories based on the author's life experiences and tragedies with alcohol and alcohol abuse. A mingled minage of comically entertaining, utterly depressing, and horribly tragic; all wrapped up in one big hangover.

The Doppelganger

A man living in the city, slowly starts to realize that he's being watched; constantly being followed. But as he realizes that person that's actually following him, is himself (at least it looks like him), he is slowly driven to the brink of insanity by a thin reality.

They Lurk in the Shadows

A young man, slowly adapting to big city life, has loved one after loved one ripped from him tragically. And eventually everyone who seems to come in contact with him begins to die, or begins offing themselves, one by one. Then, one day, he starts to notice things out of the corners of his eyes. Things that could be people. Things that slowly begin to haunt him and his past; and, eventually, can no longer be contained by the shadows.

Twisted: Hellish Tale's of Grimm

A revamp on the classic children's tales; where, already a little dark in its own right, has now been envisioned as horrific macabre filled brimming with clevernous. Sending you through turn after turn, on an amazing pants-wetting horror-ride, as each story seems to gain speed and is more frightening than the next with the turn of every page; rushing to the unforseen and unspeakable conclusion of the final entry.

Hotel California

A book formed and based on the lyrics of the Eagles' song, Hotel California. A haunted hotel, smack dab in the middle of the Californian desert, has attracted a motley crew of individuals whose butting heads and flaring tempors begin as soon as the first guests arrive; wondering if the hotel will still be standing after the final guests arrive.

Ninety-Nine Ways to Die

A short story collection of literally the ninety-nine cleverest, creepiest, most entertaining, most unique and scariest collaberations of death, dying, murders and suicides known to exist. Joining may not seem so bad upon completion.


After the good response and many suggestions to continue the short story, I decided to possibly make it a novel. Or perhaps a series of short stories that read as one single book. The story of Seven, an experiment gone wrong, made by the evil XandRoX corporation. When they start to realize her immense power and the head of the company orders her and her seven friends, that were the projects leading up to her creation, to be destroyed; Seven lashes out. Escaping the building unharmed, but barely, she went off on her own waiting for them to arrive to attempt to take her back in. She will never go willingly.

For the Greater Cause

Lustra the Temptress returned to Outworld after 500 years of peace and prosperity. The people of the world, coming in all colors, shapes and sizes, are forced to band together in the attack against her, her evil henchmen, and her minions of the night. Each township much choose their best elective to rally in the last town of men, then battle their way to the Castle Dundarg where Lustra rules with an iron fist.

Big Things Come in Small Packages 2

??? Hmmm. There possibly could even be a sequal to this book in me. Seeing what adventures KW gets into with, or because of, Fuzzy. If it's anything like the first novel, there should never be a dull moment.

Author's Note: anybody who reads these and likes them and perhaps would want to leave their vote or suggestion on which one I should start writing first, upon finishing 'Big Things', please do so. Your input and opinions will be greatly appreciated and considered. As they always are.


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