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The truth about what you use

By: maystar

Page 1, This will suprise you. you use fish in ur hair, wash in cow and clothes, wear pigs and cows and brush you hair with pig- it is the truth on what u use everyday.

Pork gelatine is not eaten or used by vegetarians and many religious groups. If pork gelatine is not used does that mean the animal is not to be used as well? Beacause many of us use it without knowing it. So basically you don't know what is being used in your products that you use. Animals are the main supliers for most things that we have. Coats, shoes and even costmetics.

The cow produces milk but did you know it is used for belts, bar soap, liquid soaps, and washing up powder? And it isn't even the main bits that are used, it is the left overs, you never know there might be an crushed up eye in your soap, it is produced by bones as well.

As for shrimps and fish. They are used for beer. Believe it or not but the reason why beer glows is the shrimp.And also hair sprays.

As for the pig,  bath capsules, shoes and the list goes on.. You even comb your hair with pig bristles as well as paint.

Sheep are used to make shoes like uggs and wools. And all these animals are still moving a bit when all the blood is drained out.

But here is the question, if you were dying and the part you need to help ypu survive came from a pig, would you take it?


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