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Article By: Nadiiahh

A little rant, if you don't like then GTFO.

Submitted:Aug 23, 2012    Reads: 70    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

The Twilight Saga for those who haven't read this dramatic sappy love story I recommend you keep it that way, all the hype about Twilight being an amazing book is a total overstatement. Don't waste precious minutes of your life reading this series. WARNING- may contain spoilers.

What has pale cold skin, dark killer eyes, lives off blood and sparkles in the sun?

Give up? It's a Vampire, that's right a blood sucking vampire. I know what you're thinking don't vampires combust into flames when they come in contact with the sun? Well I thought so to, but than a woman by the name of Stephaney Meyer came along and wrote a book where that didn't happen; instead they sparkled like pretty little fairies. I was dumb struck when I read this and largely disappointed. She has ruined my vision of the "perfect" vampire.

The whole romance between a mortal and an immortal is kind of cute, I was hoping for a more dramatic ending like death, not of him being the father of his first child. And Bella the main character of the series is what we now and days call a "player" she has two lovers, werewolf boy Jacob and blood sucking Edward. She is confused and she whines and whines about how she loves them both and wants them to be friends. Well Bella, they are enemies from hundreds of years ago and will always be just because you come along won't make any difference to them. She finally makes up her mind and picks Edward over wolf boy.

Bella seems to be suicidal, she is stubborn and wants to become a vampire, and she's pretty much killing herself to be with a man sounds a bit cliché. He agrees to do so only if she marries him. WOW a man who wants commitment sounds too good to be true. So she agrees to marry him and they do and they go on their honey moon that's where the real twist is. She has her last human experience and ends up getting pregnant by vampire boy. I know right, shocking had me going "oh h*ll no." isn't having intercourse with a dead corpse known as necrophilia? And biologically dead bodies can't produce the things needed to conceive a child. It makes me wonder if Mrs. Meyer passed her biology class.

All I have ever known about vampires has been ruined thanks to this book. I like my evil vampires who show no remorse who combust into flames when the sun rises and they have nowhere to hide. It's kind of thrilling you know. And I would really like it if people wouldn't mess with that.

Sparkly vampire dads all in one awful book known as Twilight. If you wish to read a sappy romance series where everyone is happy and only bad people die then go ahead read the series but don't say I didn't warn you. I think I'll just stick to Stephan King and his vampires.


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