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Jerkulez Decided to interview people and heres my response to his questions..

Article By: puddleofink

so Jerkulez asked to make this interview interesting, and i assure you it will be....

learn a little more about me!!

Submitted:Oct 15, 2008    Reads: 127    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

1. Oi Booksian! How are ya? Wow you must be far away with all the explination marks Im allgood apart from my sis's chihuahua annoying the crap outa me, he wants to sit on my lap but everytime I type I hit his head with my elbow and yea hes in the way.

2. Great! Great! So can you give us an intro about yourself? You think me hitting a chihuahua on the head is great? He is so in the way. Hmmm an intro well i shouldn't have to EVERYone knows my name

3. Describe yourself in one word? A leather couch; comfortable, warm, relaxing, inviting and coin stealing.

4. What fruit are you? I dont want to answer that, you could be a fruit racist. like say you were a plum and I were a apple, stone and pip fruit dont get along.

5. Do you relate to Crazy? Crazy is an adjective for Deranged, and Deranged is an adjective for Distracted, and Distracted is an adjective for Frantic and Maddened. And that I beleive I am not any of these. I could however go on and find adjective for Frantic and Maddened but no im to lazy so yea im not crazy hehe or am I for finding out the adjectives for crazy? Let me know if you want me to anytime!

6. How do you feel about loony? Looney is not in my Bargain English Dictionary.

Bargain:- something sold at a price favourable to the buyer.

7. Was the flip down sideways worth the jump? Depends what you were jumping into, onto, through.

8. Fast food? Shouldn't be allowed.

9. Poetry? Is a song for people who cant sing without the chorus.

10. Writing? Is for people with bad breath.

11. Booksie? Is for people to be criticized on there work, hehe joking its for people who want to xpress themselves, you should explaint this questiion a bit more.

12. If a poet is a writer, but not all writers are poet, is the orange orange? Are oranges called oranges because they taste orange?

13. Dreams that came true? To be honest i've had a few dreams that have come true.

14. Lies that are kool? I would be lying if I said this interview was boring, does that make me kool?

15. Face you see every day? My face, well I do see it when I eventually brush all my messy morning hairout of it.

16. Cartoons you like? Avatar, Deathnote, Ren and Stimpy, Southpark, X-Men evolution, spongebob, Naruto.

17. Baby's name? Well you should have just said favourite name because you dont have a babys name then an adult name do ya? um I like the names I make up like: Myrallis, Noa, Taan, Ylen, Deevan and yea heaps more I made up. I like the name Forrest, Amber, Willow, Aroha (love in Maori) Dillan. And heaps more hehe

18. About me? Well I dont know you to be honest maybe you should do this interview on yourself then i'll let ya know eh?

19. Would you like another interview? yes please maybe you should do a more of a personality interview ie, favourite colours, style of clothes, movies, animals, food, hobby, sport etc, etc...

20. Whose interview would you like to see (Why not invite him/her to participate)? yours! and all my fans and friends here on booksie ooo and booksie guy too.


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