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Blame Game of Shame

Article By: Romano

Pointing blame since our creation, who will ultimately fall

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Have you ever been the blame of something? Better yet have you ever blamed anyone for anything? What's interesting is how we continue to blame folk for our downward spiral or failure for anything, especially if it's a negative effect on something. Although we are too quick to put in our fifty cents if a positive outcome has occurred, as if we spear headed the whole thinking of it. The funny thing is we hate to be blamed for anything for anything or hate for someone to point a finger at us, especially if the outcome had a negative effect. Whether we did wrong on the issue or not we just don't want to be blame or the cause of why whatever went bad went bad. It's truly biblical, believe it or not as to why we point blame or are blamed. Adam blamed Eve for giving him the forbidden fruit that he partake of, and Eve blamed the serpent for tempting her to partake of that same fruit, the serpent had no one to blame. This is the case in many instances, we point and blame then the person whom we blamed, blame someone else and it usually ends with the last person who has no one to blame or back to someone who pointed blame. We hate to be the victim of circumstance, yet we continue to do exactly what we despise, it's like we hate liars, yet we continue to lie. Many of us would rather not taint our image but for some reason quick to taint others image. Hate, envy, and greed would have many of us do what we do and betray those around us to save our own butts. Too many times we want folk to "man up" and be responsible for their actions, but in most cases we wouldn't "man up". Then you have those who for some odd reason forget that they are just as humane as you and pretend they are God's gift to the world and portray a walking Earth angel, when in fact the only wings they own flew off with their brain. It's easy to blame the new comer or the person who doesn't work there or even the person who is off that day.
In order for me to get ahead and get that promotion, or get that cent raise over you or whomever I need to taint your character, so I lie, cheat and even steal what dignity you may have had or thought you had. It's my duty to preserve my character at any cost, so what I have to or must do is keep the heat off my neck and press as much on yours. The saying "kick a man when he's down" is just as true in the blame game as ever, in fact it's even better to blame those who may be on a downward fall because if you just can't seem to get right, then I will blame you because it's just fitting to do so, who better to blame then the man who's down. The sad part about all of this is, even if the person who's down didn't do it they still get blamed for it. In relationships we blame our significant other for the problems we have or had and why our relationship don't or didn't work. We blame society for our misguided children and issues that we ourselves create. We blame our parents/guardians for not doing or doing things to us that create us to be how we are. We come up with conditions why our children are the way they are and why they do what they do. We blame the folk we elect or not elect to lead us because we need someone to blame. The whole while we pointing and blaming we are forgetting the one main rule, "point blame toward the inner enemy". We kill ourselves more than anyone can kill us, yet we blame others for whatever reason to justify our actions. Here's a question for you; what does your character say about you when you blame other folk for your failure or whatever the situation? Why are we constantly pointing fingers toward others, when we contribute anywhere from fifty percent to a hundred percent of the issues we have. We blame our failures in society on other folk, we say things like "my marriage didn't work because he or she cheated", "I didn't do this or that because of this or that". We make excuses for any reason and feel it's justified because we were too lazy to do. An excuse is a skin of a lie wrapped around a reason, yet we continue to tell those excuses.


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