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Family, Todays

Article By: Romano

the sad reality of family is that it no longer seem to exist the way it was intended to be, we allow other issues to rip and tear our families apart and from the backdrop watch evil unfoil

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What happen to family time? Where did it go? So many broken homes and so many misguided children, who's the blame? Single family homes with mothers and some father's doing all they can to make ends meet. The blame is on the man for the most part. Men we tend to continue to act as children and afraid to grow up and do what we need to do to adults, and yet quick to say how we are grown. Don't get me wrong women do contribute to broken homes but not as much as men, true it was a woman who brought sin into the marriage (Adam and Eve, who ate of the fruit first). Let's not lose focus on what this article is about. It's about broken/single family homes and the children who need both parents active in their lives to support them. Nowadays you can barley find a home/house with both parents in it and not to mention barley one for the cause of busting their butts for trying to provide for a child with bitter feelings toward the absent parent. Disrespectful children toward the law and elders barley obedient to the one parent in the home. We get the judicial system involved in almost all we do and especially involved in aiding us in raising our children and then wonder why they say our youth are the lost generation. The reason as to why they are called the lost generation is due to the fact that we as so called adults forget the one main rule: chastised your child. Listen to what I say and do not assume what I just said, I said chastised not abuse. We tend to get upset if someone tells us how to raise our children, yet we are the ones who got the public involved with our ability not to raise our own kids. Some parents for the most part partake in our children evil doing. We are suppose to be raising our future, the ones who are suppose to keep us safe and protected to rule when we are no longer to. The Bible still holds truth today, "train a child in the way they should go and when they are of age will not depart from it". This means not only for spiritual things but things of the world, "remember in this world not of it". Just because we are not of this world yet in it we are held accountable for how we live and what we do while we are here. We teach our children to call upon help when they themselves should be able to handle the situation maturely without altercation.
Family time, when families use to go on vacations and trips and enjoy each other and talk about things and bond as a family, "family that prays and plays together, stays together". Yet, all we are teaching the youth is how to get over on the system and others. True enough we now have a President who is a minority, yet biracial. That is a great accomplishment, yet what are we doing to make sure we have another one. It has been forty years since we had a minority with such accomplishments to be able to even be considered for such a position, now that we have that what are we doing to preserve that? We so busy celebrating a minority in office that we lose focus on what it is we need to do to keep a minority in office. We don't/won't even work together to make sure we preserve our own race. Murders and crime among minorities mainly black, African American or Colored, whatever we decide what we want to be called is higher than any other race. For me I am not an African American, nor black, I am an American who happens to be of different ethnicities decent, be it African or Latin. In America that happens to be considered African American which falls in the minority category.
Families across America are hurting, be it minority or not we need to focus more on getting families back in the spot light. Our youth need guidance, yes it was wonderful for them to see someone who looks like them not only win the Presidential election, it is even more inspiring for them to see a family rooted by both parents living in the White House and appear to look well, don't get it twisted I'm sure they have the same issues as any other household with children, it's how they deal with it that matters. We forgot what it means to be a family for always bickering with our siblings or parents for being hardheaded and disobedient, "children obey your parents that thy days may be long". Hell we can't even get young adults to obey their elders for them quick to say you ain't my mother and sure as hell ain't my father, so why should I listen to you? Our youth are too quick to pick a role model from any type of entertainment that seems to have no respect for others. If your child is always in front of videos watching and portraying and even saying what they see and hear will think that's how life should be. Fast cars and money and women that shake all they have for the all mighty dollar, this is a lifestyle full of anguish and turmoil. For some of us we teach our children that sports is the answer, yet if hurt what education if any can they fall back on. Most teachers don't even care as long as they make a certain percentage to remain retained as an educator. We need to focus on family, spend more time with our children. I have two boys of whom I love dearly and would do anything for them and at the same time chastise them when needed. We as adults knock video games due to the content in the game, yet if we take time out of our so called busy schedule to play with our children in these games we will build or rebuild what we are losing vastly. Don't look at these games as so bad, look at them as bonding time with your child to make a stronger family, and we wonder why our kids feel as if we don't understand them. We were kids before as well, yet for some unknown reason we forgot what is or was like to be a child, and for some of us we still trying or afraid to grow up so we are unable to teach our own kids. If our kids see us spreading gossip and talking negative they do the same as we do with keeping confusion going, and it ain't because times were different when we grew up it's almost the same, just we older now. Just as it was peer pressure for us its peer pressure for them, only difference is we contribute more than the adults did when we were younger. True it may be more opportunities but we have to remember more sometimes mean just that, more issues, more problems and more negativity. We have more reality shows that portray how screwed up we are as adults in raising our children and then want America to watch; which they do, because we know how we all love drama, especially if it ain't ours. Then we get on TV and show how screwed up we are as adults and bicker and complain and don't even get along with who we call our so called friends and back stab and act so two faced. TV just shows what has been going on for centuries, hell I applaud the producers for even getting smart on doing so.
Instead of bickering and complaining about what needs to be done with families and not doing something about it, shut your pie hold. If you decide to want and make a difference then do so, but in doing so do from your heart and not just for the spotlight. As the mortal words of JFK " Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". Just because we now have a change in the Presidency we need to change how we do things in our lives, so as I say "ask not what gossip you may spread of negativity, but spread love and compassion of a better family and positivity".


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