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Gossip Folk

Article By: Romano

There are just somethings that need to stay in house, and some people that you need to just not tell your business to, if you keep your tongue from ravelling about your life then other people won't be able to spread your business with added extra news.

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People why do we continue to gossip about one another? There have always been tales spreading from one mouth piece to another. We hate to be the topic of one's misdemeanor. However we won't stop from spreading our own version of a story. We tend to get upset when someone we feel to be our friend or a person we can confide in betray us. Some of us will tell what we are going through and hen get upset if someone else tells it before we can to someone else. If you didn't want a certain person to know you should have kept your mouth shut. Let's be honest we know who we can and cannot talk to. If you had a friend and suddenly your friend stop telling you things or you hardly ever talk to them like you use to, it's because you said something or did something for them to not trust you like they once use to. We have to understand no matter how juicy the story or unbelievable we need to learn how to shut our mouth. The person who told us felt as if they could confide in us and shared that moment of truth with us. But let's be honest some things are just too good to hold on to. The one thing you have to remember is how much does your friendship mean to you by you betraying the trust of the person who trust you. Just because one of your friends seem to be going through a rough relationship or hardship in their life, doesn't make you the right person to tell nor does it mean for you to tell one of your friends. We are not above the line that says we are better than whomever to run and tell their story. You want a story to tell, tell yours. We all have issues that plaque us in ways we may think are unbearable for us to bare, however; we bare them. It's as if some people prey on those who have issues and they try and act as if they are a friend and say "you can tell me"; "I'll be there for you", or better yet "you can trust me". Some of us can't trust our own mama, so how in the hell are we going to trust you. Some people can be trust to confide in, and some of those people aren't a spouse. Yeah, I said it some spouses just can't keep their mouth shut about their significant other. Talking about your home really says a lot about you, especially if you are always talking negative about the one you are with. Why would you want others to look at you and think, because most of them won't say it, why are they even with that person if they talk so negative, or better yet say "you still there meaning it can't be that bad". Now you have all these folks in your house that you invited, and wonder why everybody looking or talking about you in a negative way. So many times we lose friends and loved ones, hell even family members because they can't keep their mouth shut about your issue. To be honest some of these people we know we can't trust, yet we still tell them what we are going through. Some of us tell perfect strangers our issues and confide in them as if they are the ones to trust. The opposite sex is not the one to tell your martial issues, or get involved with what happens in your house, and here you wonder why your marriage won't seem to work or how come you can't get on the same page. QUIT TALKING TO THE OPPOSITE SEX about your house, home or martial issues. Even confiding in the same sex about your issues isn't good. We have to remember people have motives, and we let them in and say "I can't or don't believe that person is like that". Remember the Devil's greatest mind blowing illusion is he doesn't exist. If Jesus knew Judas was the devil among him, surely you know that about the opposite sex whom you have confided in, and then you sit there and say they are helping me through a rough time. What you have confided in to the opposite sex turned out to be now you are friends, ask yourself this; since they are your friends are they friends with your partner (husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, significant other) if they are not then you will always have distrust in your relationships and gossip from others lips. Make no mistake about it, it's all about gossip and if you don't think that person will spread your issues think again. The person you should be able to confide in and not have to worry about anything should be your significant other. To all hose that gossip or spread tales, look out your time is coming, if it already hasn't.


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