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Honesty among humans

Article By: Romano

We as humans will lie no matter the cost and will never be truthful toward one another unless it benefits us in some way.

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There are just some things that will cause you to think and wonder. For example why are men or do men feel solely responsible to take care of a woman? The answer is simple; we were put on Earth to be the sole provider for the family, the protector, and the guided. Women have long for a true man to capture their heart and soul with the manliness and sensitivity of caressing them and providing for them. Then you have those "I don't need a man" women or "Independent, I can do this all by myself" women. Let's get right into the thick of things, men and women do need one another, no matter how you feel, or what you think. Let's get spiritual, for all those who say all I need is the Lord, I am not arguing that you don't need the Lord; however, the Lord placed men and women to be here for one another. Man was created first, then woman. Woman may have ate of the fruit first, and her eyes may have been open first, yet without that man your eyes would still be close, deep think hard and read that last sentence again and dwell on it for a minute. Ok, for all those slow folk, Satan (the serpent) is a man. Lucifer said he would seek and destroy the very existence of marriage, happiness, truthfulness, purity, love, and most of all honesty. When you decide to hide what we call the small things from our significant other and lie about what we call a white lie, we set our relationship up for failure. What can be so devastating that would have you lie about anything, then later have to cover up that lie with another one, or say I didn't say that; and by the way that's a lie as well. Not telling the whole truth or failure to reveal the whole story and have someone else assume is a lie as well, you didn't say it, yet you allow someone else to believe something that you know isn't true. We as humans are cunning and conniving and manipulative as well as scandalous. Don't act all shock as if you were born with righteousness all over you and in you. Too many individuals act as if they can't do no wrong and no matter what they are always right. Since you so perfect why you can't answer the age old question, what's wrong with you? Why can't we be honest in relationships? Why must we lie one to another about the small things? Why do we get upset when we know what the outcome may be? To answer the first everything is wrong with us, we are not perfect for if we were we would not be here. Next we feel that being totally honest in a relationship would jeopardize who we are, our character, our being, we feel we need to hold on to something for us, can't trust the one you are with, yet that which you don't tell that person you tell your lover. We lie because we don't want to hurt the person we say we love, when truthfully we lie because we can't be honest about whom we are. People say I lie to you because I don't want to hurt you or because I love you, true love hurts, tell the truth and move on, have some kind of respect for yourself and be honest. You lie and cheat, steal, and whoremonger because you don't respect yourself. If you respected who you are you wouldn't do those things that you do; therefore you lie. Your character is shattered and smeared. Women always say they want a man to respect them, well hell tell the truth, respect who you are and others. Emotions and feelings are rough enough to handle on our own; we don't need to feel all discombobulated for you lying to us. Men we aren't any better, we just as human as anyone, so we are guilty of the same things we point the finger at with women.

We don't put 100% into our relationships, hell we don't even give one another a second chance. Think of it as this, if you fall and need assistance from God, wouldn't you want the Lord to come in like a flood and make it better? Yes you would, well what if the Lord said no, you are not a giver of second chances, so why should I give you one. "Pride cometh before a fall", just know we can never be too proud to accept those things that we feel we shouldn't. Some of us claim to be so in tuned with God that we are exempt from falling or we are able to judge the next human, "he who thinketh himself something when yet he is nothing deceiveth himself". The reason why we have so many issues in our lives is because we are not stable nor rooted, "an unstable man is un rooted in all his ways". We raise the youth as if they are our friends and not as we should, "train the youth in the way they should go, and when they get older they would not depart", this is in everything we do. "Spare the rod, spoil the child", not abuse the youth but chastise with love and respect, we so afraid to even correct the youth because everything any one sees and correcting a child is abusing. Just because your parents didn't beat or whoop your behind when you were younger doesn't mean all children are the same, some youth you have to beat the devil out of. It's all on the upbringing of a child; if I am lenient with my children then yes they will be unruly. We are lacking support in our families; I mean the support of a man toward a woman and the woman to a man. No one wants to support the next due to felling as if they are giving more than the next. We will all be accounted for our actions, judged for how we carried ourselves. Back to that 100%, communication brings that 100% in a relationship that should be there. I have heard marriage counselors, ones who are ministers say marriage is not about being happy or giving 100%, who in the Hell slapped them upside their head, hell I wanna be happy in my marriage and give 100%, and for all those who don't, need to really evaluate their lives.
To be In love and happy is like the best feeling ever, I mean totally happy and free to be and have fun with that one person that makes you smile, laugh, giggle and give you chills. Total commitment in every way, unconditional love and give that 100% that every relationship deserves. Ok, listen for all those who don't believe you should give 100%; Jesus gave his life for the church and treated the church as we should the one we say we love. Now, since Jesus gave his all for his love; meaning 100%, why can't we give our all, or who are you to tell someone they shouldn't. If we are to use Christ as an example and strive to be like him, "that which is perfect" then how come not give 100%. We tend to complain about our relationship with whomever, and then wonder why we can't seem to get on track or why we are being talked about behind our back. Quit telling your sad and pathetic tales of your relationship, truthfully by you complaining about what you are in and continue to stay in, what does that really say about you. Furthermore quit spilling your guts and tales to the opposite sex and even same sex that have not your best interest at heart, "seek not the counsel of the un-Godly". Be positive and surround yourself with folks that are positive, quit running to the club or parties with your self-pity friends, so-called friends. Misery loves company and Satan seeks to kill and destroy, so as long as you entertain evil or indulge in idle minds you will always be a part of the devils workshop, "resist the Devil and he will flee from you seven ways", "an idle mind is the devils workshop". The ultimate goal while living is simple; live as long as you can and try your hardest to be happy. Why go through life miserable and with so much drama, at the end of the day the results will always be the same, "don't let the sun go down on your wrath". Getting upset over things you have no control over, is silly, why worry about what you do not control, "weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning". I truly believe that if it wasn't for life's lessons there would be no teachings or corrections, we are told to "not let your good be evil spoken of", why put yourself in situations that would compromise your character or integrity. Unless you just do not care who thinks what, then please do you and enjoy rumors of dismay about you. honestly the most horrific thing that could ever happen and it does, Tyler Perry displayed it well in his movie, "The Family that Prays", you destroy your family or relationship for thinking the pasture is greener on the other side. Please be not fooled into thinking that, that man or woman will leave what they have despite what they say for you, and if they do it's because of what they have is truly broken. Then maybe they have nothing just want you to leave what you have for them, then they turn right around and play you. Satan's greatest trick is getting the people to believe he doesn't exist, and too many times we give him too much credit. Let's be for real we are all human, if I am single and you are not, and you cheat with me on your relationship, what in the hell would make you think I would want to be in a serious relationship with you, I'm getting the sex for free and pumping mind games, yet you stupidly fall for all I say and do cause where you are now they don't do what I will. I get you to spend your money on me and yet I spend nothing on you, then I talk about you. Just take it like I said it, you've been fooled and played, why would anyone put themselves in that situation with someone else felling that the same would happen to them, why? The grass may seem greener, hell even look greener, yet once shoes off and as you walk you start to sink don't get upset and go to thinking. You've made your bed now lay your sorry good for nothing low down scandalous ass in it. Have you ever thought that most of our drama and issues we bring on our self, then we wanna run and play with God and act as if we did nothing wrong, saying and begging to be delivered, had you would have stayed your butt on the straight and narrow then you wouldn't have to cry now.
The absolute worse is a fake believer, those who use God for when it's convenient for them. Stop running to God for help when you know all you're going to do is continue on a path of unrighteousness. You have people that prey on relationships, and do all they can to destroy them and the weakest minded folk allow their mind to be persuaded and swayed. You should really not listen to negative sayings about your relationship, tell whomever it is to please leave you alone and get a life of their own. We always seem to know what's best for others but can't seem to get our own life right in that same area we speak on. Just know that everyone is not your friend and do not have your best interest at heart.


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