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Karma, Life's

Article By: Romano

Sooner or later everything comes full circle and what you fail to realize is Karma happens to all of us due to whatever the reason.

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It was written and quoted by a famous rapper, "revenge is the sweetest joy next to getting……" well you know the rest. However karma is life's payback. Payback for all the negative, yet wrong things you've done or said. Make no mistake about it; no one is exempt from being bit by this vengeful creature. In life we make choices and decisions that will cause us to fall to this karma. Whether it be vicious lies or tales that spread like wildfire, or being deceitful in a relationship. For the most part people try to avoid being burnt by karma, before its rapture can take effect they dive out. It's like final destination, you know all those movies that put fear in your heart and caused you to look at possible situations that will happen, yet when it's our time to depart from this Earth, there is nothing none of us can do to dodge it. Just because this time you dodge a painful issue doesn't mean you are exempt from rapture, your time is coming and best believe when it does it will come in loads of issues, and then you're going to sit and wonder why all this is happening to me, well remember what and how you did. You ever wonder why so many people seem to have just a rough time and that time seems to last for a long time, well it's there time to pay the piper. We so stupid that all we say is "he or she is/was a good person why is that happening to them", yet we know not what they did before we knew them or what they did when no one was looking. Going through a rough time or going through any situation with your heart and mind open and get hurt will have you kill or commit suicide. People do some strange things for love; hell people just do some strange things. Karma will have you believe that your heart has been played with, cause from your side of the situation it seems so easy for them to let go, yet we know why they chose the path they did, all we see is our side of the issue and our pain and suffering, yet we forget this was our time to pay up. Then you have those who are just plagued with being treated bad or meeting the wrong person and become a victim of life's lessons. Just know to all those who commit or spread their wings of deceit will have their day of doom. All of us who have been hurt need to pray and forgive those who have deceived us for their own personal issue or game, feelings are not to be played with and messing with the one person who can't handle it could have you dead or in ICU somewhere. As a follower of Christ we are told to turn the other cheek, and if your brother shall steal your coat give him your cloak as well. It's so rough and hard not to do the other person wrong, but in our hearts all we feel is fury and anger. Then that Tupac song start playing in our mind, and most of us carry out our mission.
The feeling of being played or toyed with while going through a situation or even on the outs of one will have you go crazy. It's like you become Inspector Gadget or Clusoe, we want so bad to catch that other person in the wrong that we now start paying very close attention to any and everything they say and do. Karma can be expressed differently as payback, revenge, or life's lessons of discipline. Karma is simply GOD chastising us and letting us know that we are not perfect and if you do wrong then you shall suffer the consequences of your repercussions. We are taught as children to tell the truth and obey our parents, yet we fail to realize that when we go outside that realm we jeopardize our very character of humility. We want things when we want them and if need be we do what we have to, to make sure we get it without ever thinking of the consequences of our actions. Sometimes we do not think of whom it may hurt or effect due to selfishness. In the process of living life and doing what we feel we need to or want to, along the way we generate emotions for different or several things. It's not that our intentions are bad, yet in doing so we fail to take others feelings into consideration. This is when karma steps in, and then most of us get what others would call intuition or premonition or you know the saying "calm before the storm". You get like this bad feeling before it happens, your conscience starts talking to you and telling you that you are wrong, yet we fail to see the signs of destruction due to our own inhabitations. "Warning comes before Destruction", all the signs are there, we just ignore all the warning signals. Just because you feel you have dodged a close call with Karma doesn't mean you are exempt from being burnt by it. To all those who are doing what you do just to satisfy your needs or wants and creating mischief and deceit, just know that one day Hell shall open up and swallow your every linage. What's done in the dark will soon be displayed in the light.


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