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Ode to the Truth

Article By: Romano

True we are much wiser, yet stupid, we are much more educated, yet dumb, we changed things to better suit us, yet we forgot to watch over what really matters.

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Truth be told, we are near the end of what maybe our lives. Existence as we know it may cease with every natural disaster happening weekly if not daily. More or less like a sign of the times, can you remember when you were younger and things seem much simpler. Like not a care in the world, and you did pretty much what you wanted and how you wanted just in your parents house or guardians house. As you got older or acted more grown, things changed. Maybe for the better or maybe for the worse, but they changed. Remember when a drive by was your mother someone was looking for you. A good old fashion fist fight to where you lived to fight another day or got teased because you got your butt whipped, or maybe the man or woman cause you kicked butt and none of your friends would jump in but edge you on. The Atari 2600 was the best video game ever made, well we didn't have anything else besides actually going outside to play, and no matter how hot it was you played until the street lights came on. Going to the corner store or candy lady with a bag or pocket full of change you just got from the piggy bank, to buy penny candy or cookies and that good old fashion thrill (Honey suckle or dripple for you Florida folks). All the games you played and all the fun we had seem like just yesterday if you really think about it. Only cares we had was going outside to play, and running the streets with our friends or neighbors. The neighborhood kids stuck together and fought together, sometimes we fought each other, but the next day we played and laughed like it never happened. I can remember standing outside my friends window listening to their parents chastise them. In school we not only said a prayer we did the pledge of allegiance, and got paddled if did wrong by the principle. I can remember the teachers sending home disciplinary papers for your parents to sign, whether or not for the school to beat you or not. If you disrespected an elder, not only did they chastise you but the parents as well. Did anything wrong in the neighborhood, not only did the neighbor beat you but so did your parents. I know a lot of you may be reading this and saying HELL NO, but think about it, for all those who don't agree to what happen back then, think about this, times then were different, not better but different. We had more respect for people and things, kids now don't even respect themselves let alone you, so before you get all defensive about your little booboo just think of this, if we had that same firm belief now as we did back then we wouldn't have that issue now. Allowing the judicial system to order you on how you live your life by their standards because we too lazy to do it. Allowing your kids to do all they want just because you too afraid to whip their behinds, for fear of child laws. We did it to ourselves, children nowadays need their behinds to burn with love from our passion of making them do the right thing at all times. We quick to run to GOD and ask GOD for guidance to assist us in raising our children, yet we fail to read where it says;"spare not the rod". First thing we say is "I'm not gone beat m child" but later they beaten on you. I can remember 9-1-1 didn't exist, we had to dial 0 just to get the operator and then with that they would ask; what is your emergency? and then dispatch whom you requested, even with that we had the dial phones, not the touch pad so we had to wait until it dialed back through the ear piece. True we are much wiser, yet stupid, we are much more educated, yet dumb, we changed things to better suit us, yet we forgot to watch over what really matters. We put all our time and effort in electronics to run our lives for us that we depend on the very existence of it. Right now if you left your cell phone back home I promise you would be late for work turning round going back to get it, yet if you left the Bible you would shrug your shoulders and say next time. Our priorities have shifted, not because we got older but because we got lazy. Music use to mean something, now it's all about money and sex in all the wrong dialects, not saying it wasn't about sex then, but it was different. The majority of the music was educational and made you more aware of your surroundings. Music now glorifies the body in all the wrong ways and with so many studio gangsters it's making life worst. When someone downs rap/hip hop music it's because they saw the evolution of hip hop and what it meant. There are only a few true hip hop artist, all rappers now are just that, rappers. Raw from No love said well in his last article be true to who you are, not who you are not. There are no more real gangsters, stop teaching and preaching garbage from a life you know nothing of, and if you lived it fine but don't glorify what you no longer want to be part of. Too many times folks want to say they from the hood or the ghetto, man if you knew the real ghetto you'd run like a girl for cover, just as if you got stopped and arrested by the police you gone cry and wail like a spanked baby. For all those who need other people to help them fight or want to gang up on people and think it's fun, your time is coming and your will be worst, for all those who want to rob and steal and quick to pull a gun, your time is coming and it's gone be much worse. We would rather result to violence and kill off one another for fear and intimidation, well if it wasn't that than why would you? Sure I would love to see some people leave the earth, but I'm not gone assist in that matter. Hell the IRS and child services are at the top of my list, but as long as I live those are two services I can't control so live and let live. Stop trying to control every situation and learn to live and pray for patience and understanding and be virtuous. Anything that can go wrong will and anything that hurts can't kill, pain is weakness leaving the body. Words may not kill physically right away, but mentally and emotionally they can destroy and eventually lead to physical death. Sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but words will never hurt me is a lie, because every word that is in the Bible is coming true and have hurt and will continue to hurt as long as we disregard it. True your childhood may have been the best years of your life, but some of us are still living for that same childhood today, playing games and acting as if we have not a care in the world. It's time to grow up and act as an adult and quit using excuses like "I need to find my purpose "just to get you out of a situation quick, if you don't know by now you will never know. An excuse is a skin of a lie wrapped around a reason, to fit your agenda or purpose. Quit wanting to give up so easy and fight for what you truly believe in and love, it's always easy to take the road more traveled (easy way out). We want without wanting to give. Learn to be truthful in all that you do, if you can't be truthful to yourself you won't be truthful to others.


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