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Teacher's Pet

Article By: Romano

We have to remember that which don’t kill you will only make you stronger, for the most part we don’t want the trials and tribulations of others misery, hell we can do bad by our self getting into or trying to get out of our own situations.

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Do you remember that one kid that just irk your nerves and told the teacher everything? Seems like every time the teacher wanted something they were always the one who was able to do it. Not only that but every time the teacher left the class they either announced they were leaving or just looked at their "A" student in a way as if "let me know, who when I get back". A teacher's pet was in every class and for the most part it was the same kid, the one who had good grades or kissed up to the teacher for whatever reason. That same kid that came to all the PTA's with their parents, that same parent seem to know all about you and give you dirty looks. You just know that kid was talking about you and they have told their parents all about every child in the class, they seem to look away as they are talking about every kid that walks in the room, right down to the one who harass them and even the one who is competing for their title. That same teacher's pet is always the school crossing guard, to the Principle's informant on who and what. That same kid seems to be always in your class, and when you found out you was pissed. That same kid seems to go to every school you went to, you would wish they would go to another school or get beat up or even fall ill to getting run over by a truck.
From the teacher's pet to the bosses butt kiss, is how ninety percent of these folk end up being. How on Earth can one go through life just kissing butt their whole life? Guess it just runs in the family for the most part. These folk make life on the job or at school miserable and maybe because they are miserable, but then you have to think people like that that's all they have you know like gossip folk, that's all they have and they are good at it, they get on your nerves but that's who they are. We have to remember that which don't kill you will only make you stronger, for the most part we don't want the trials and tribulations of others misery, hell we can do bad by our self getting into or trying to get out of our own situations. Another name for a teacher's pet/bosses kiss butt, to put it nicely will be to call them a "brown noser". These are the folk who get by on life telling everything they know, see and hear. Their life is consumed with all others, because they have no life of their own so their main reason for life's existence is to get involved with others lives. A lot of these individuals grow up and become talk show host to counselors, they good at bringing you others drama or exploiting others lives. Other job descriptions are reporters, journalists or columnists, hell almost any job in the media. For any of you who know someone like this or this is you yourself, just know we know who you are and we accept you because when we want the gossip we know where to go or who to ask, so you are doing your public a great service by being a butt kiss or informant. Without you where would we truly be in life besides maybe aimlessly wondering who would bring us the news or spread the local gossip of who and what. We wouldn't have most politicians, school teachers, government officials, police or public service announcers. For all of us who complain about the service you provide please forgive us for we ignorantly not accepting who and what you are and do to keep us on the straight and narrow and making sure we have the facts. Life without the brown noser, teacher's pet and even bosses kiss butt would be like not having a crack head around. Sometimes taking the time to mind your own misery would not be so bad, learn to have your own life and enjoy the summer breeze, winter cold, fall leaves and spring showers that life has to offer.


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