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Things we say/do

Article By: Romano

In life we have to remember that we are all human and to be human is to error in all our ways. I read before that “a double minded person is unstable in all their ways”, this is true to our lives.

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We tend to say and do things that define who we are. It's said to know the true character of someone is what he/she does when no one is looking or around. We tend to get wrapped up in worldly possessions and our focus shift depending on how we choose what we choose. Too many times we regret the things we do and want to start over, yet it's not that simple. We get upset when things don't go our way and even more upset when someone we look up to disappoint us, by what we hold them to. We have standards that we set for other people and tend to put whoever that is on a pedestal. In life we have to remember that we are all human and to be human is to error in all our ways. I read before that "a double minded person is unstable in all their ways", this is true to our lives. We want second chance after chance and pray that we get it, yet we fail to give others that same chance we prayed for. The same is considered of debt, we ask and beg and pray to be debt free and for our debtors to forgive us of our debt. All the while we put debt on others (child services), and no way no how do we try to forgive them. We put faith in people that we really don't trust, yet we tend to put ourselves in that situation. Too many times we surround ourselves with people who bring us down, just because we feel we are friends we try and stick with them. Anyone who can't help you in spirit, mind and soul (I'm not speaking of someone helping you just to have sex with you) let them go. I am speaking about someone who really has no agenda in assisting you, and not assisting you to do wrong or hurt. Never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing; meaning do dirt on your own, don't drag the opposite sex nor your friend into your right handed dirt. Love, we say "I love you", to love someone is not being in love with them. Why be with someone if for a fact you are not in love with them? To be in love with someone and knowing that they are not in love with you is true pain. Loving someone is just that, you care enough for them to be there when or if they need you. To be in love with someone is being there unconditionally and truly accepting them, for who they are, their faults, their wrong, ups and downs. Time after time we stay with someone out of pity and not love we may say we love them, but truly we just want space. Some of those have their hearts elsewhere, with someone who they want to be with and they lie and say no, but you can see it in their eyes and how they act at certain times it's someone else, and not that they just need space, it's just that they need space from you. We tend to say we are going to try, meaning try and not show how we feel for someone else while with you. Try and hold things together until we feel the time is right for us to depart from your side. People get married and defile their marriage and the bed, due to them saying they are not able to handle the stresses of marriage. Giving up is so easy to do, and we give up forgetting the vow we made before GOD and the witnesses if any were there. We want respect and here we fail to respect those who we demand respect from. Men, more than ever are becoming more feminine in their ways, doing what they want to please women who suppose to be committed to another man, and the women are just as bad longing to be with what seems so much greener on the other side. Eighty-twenty rule still holds firm today, don't forget it. Just because he or she can make things seem good from the other side don't mean it will be, too many times we leave a situation that can be mended just for wanting to be with the infatuation of a dream. Learn to really love and be love, you only live once, stop wondering what if and learn to live. These are not only feelings, but things we do and say:


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